Weed Art Offers a Higher Approach to the Pop Art Movement

Weed Art Offers a Higher Approach to the Pop Art Movement

The pop art movement has been a beacon of creativity since its inception in the ‘50s, offering a means for artists to translate the quickly developing world around us. Inspiration comes in many forms. It’s no wonder that it so often comes to artists on a puff of smoke. While many artists refrain from drug use, some claim that weed offers a creative lubrication, allowing for easier source connection and an almost instinctive flow. Many creative minds in the pop art movement who indulge in the odd in-studio toke view it with the same reverence one would a cup of coffee or a well-chosen playlist to soundtrack the forging of their latest works. However, there are the few (and the proud) who make marijuana the focus of their art, paying homage through stirring photographs, painstakingly sculpted joints, and campy pins celebrating their favorite plant.

Joint Origami: A Grass Roots Approach to the Pop Art Movement

While some people would feel accomplished at simply rolling a functional joint, others have risen to the challenge of joint origami. This “grass roots” foray into the world of pop art remains somewhat tongue-in-cheek though it’s undeniable that a great level of skill would be needed to complete any of the pieces in this gallery.



This looks more real than a lot of the people I know. 


Durga Joint - httpsplifflift.tumblr.compost78874570542

How much bud went into creating this 8-armed effigy of the Hindu goddess Durga?


The catch of the day!

Braided Joint - httpimgur.comDq0ZDSimple but impressive: a braided joint.

Pipe Joint - httpcalm-viewer-on-air.tumblr.compost53108130285the-art-of-rolling-a-joint

Forging this hooked pipe joint must have been anything but “elementary.” And it makes the perfect gift for that friend who can’t decide between pipe or joint.

Airplane Joint

Chances are this airline will take you higher than the others.


This counters “weed not war” with “why choose?” 

shark blunt

Dab Pins: The Most Contemporary of the Weed Art

Joint origami seems refined when compared to the carnivalesque cheese of dab pins. Yet, dab pins are dripping with cultural reference that brings in enough retro nostalgia to make them among the most interesting of cannabis-influenced art. For the unfamiliar, dabs are intensely potent hash oil that pack up to a walloping 90% THC concentration. Dab pins are the perfect expression for those who revel in being too stoned to move.

Dabber King

Dabber King questions what’s the bigger risk: dabs or fast food?

Jurassic Dabs

Jurassic Dabs celebrates a different kind of “lost world” than the one referenced in the movies.


This Martin Luther King, Jr. dab pin may seem in bad taste but who can argue with art?


Probably very few of you even remember “Darkwing Duck” yet he pops up in at least 2 dab pins. No one is safe.

Dab Molds: Concentrated Creativity

While the dab pins celebrate the artists’ love of concentrated THC, dab molds take the concept a step further. Dab molds consist of miniature sculptures rendered from dabs themselves. One might be tempted to call this functional art, but functionality and dabs don’t often go hand-in-hand. However, their outsider status ties them strongly to historically significant facets of the pop art movement.


This cheeky monkey dab mold from Waxerz Containers is the perfect symbol for the regressive effects of a particularly potent experience with dabs.


An impressive amount of detail (and patriotism) must have gone into the sculpting of this Statue of Liberty mold.


This miniature bumble bee is also intensely detailed, especially when considering its size.


Of course, we at Smoke Jedi are partial to this lovingly rendered recreation of the Millenium Falcon. We knew Han Solo was coming back but we didn’t expect him in dab form!

Weed Photography: The Red Eye of the Lens

Some of the most stirring of marijuana-influenced art comes in precision photography. Shutterbugs with an eye for nugs have actually raised awareness of weed culture through their beautiful, evocative imagery.

Photographer - Kym Kemp

Photographer Kym Kemp snapped this shot of two ladybugs reliving the summer of love, relaxing on the welcoming shoulder of a cannabis leaf.

Puff Puff Pass - Sharon Letts

Sharon Letts highlights the recreational side of marijuana with this gorgeous shot of a joint being passed by a girl in repose. The piece entitled “Puff, Puff, Pass” was used to promote tourism.

Potography - Amy Rollo

Amy Rollo’s “Potography” merges a candid shot with the elegance of black-and-white photography for a moodier take on the theme.

Hummingbirds - Doobie Duck

Taking things back to nature, Doobie Duck’s shot of a hummingbird closing in on a cannabis plant reminds us that marijuana is an important fixture of the natural world.  

Marijuana’s influence has made its way into paintings, sculptures, and graffiti art and undoubtedly influenced choreography, cinema, and the literary world. Blunt origami, dab pins, and cannabis photography are just other factions of the artistic army on the front line of the pop art movement. Within these mediums, artists have found a way to pay respect to a force they find as inspiring as romance, religion, politics, or any of the other greats.

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