Valiant Thor Came from Venus to the Pentagon to Bring a Message of Love

Valiant Thor Came from Venus to the Pentagon to Bring a Message of Love

The incredible story of Valiant Thor is one that has enthralled people for many years. The story is told by federal marshal and chaplain Dr. Frank Stranges, a man who wrote the autobiographical book, Stranger at the Pentagon. The book details his encounter with Valiant Thor, an alien from Venus, who came to help mankind. Stranges’ account is far removed from the tales of alien abduction and scientific experiments that populate science fiction. Instead, it describes an alien who is calm, kind and inspires trust and goodwill.

The Visitors Arrive in Victor One

valiant thor is pictured leaning in to the far right

Valiant Thor pictured leaning in to the far right.

According to Stranges, Valiant Thor arrived on Earth on March 16, 1957 in a ship called Victor One. The ship landed in Alexandria, Virginia with a crew of three: Jill, Donn and Tanyia. When the police arrived, he calmly asked them to allow him to meet with President Eisenhower and, using thought transference, he had them comply with his request. Eventually, a Pentagon insider named Nancy Warren was attending one of Stranges’ lectures and felt profound enthusiasm for Stranges’ work. She offered Stranges top secret security clearance in order to allow him to communicate with Valiant Thor, who went by the name Val.

The Advice of Valiant Thor

Val was six feet tall, weighed 185 pounds and had brown wavy hair and brown eyes. Oddly enough, he is reported to have had no fingerprints. Val had a strong but gentle way of communicating. He claimed that he was sent to Earth by the “High Council” who wanted Val to reach out to mankind on behalf of the intergalactic community who were becoming gravely concerned about our nuclear capabilities. Val communicated the concerns to President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon and offered alternate ways that things could run. The political leaders refused Val’s advice, stating that it wouldn’t be right for humanity nor the economy at that time. Val politely accepted and did not interfere with anything more.

An Undisputed Account

alleged venusian valiant thor warned about the hazards of war

Valiant Thor claimed that he was from Venus to bring a cautionary message of peace.

As wild as the allegations may seem, there are multiple photos of Val pictured with high ranking officials. No one has stepped forward to dispute the story and even members of Eisenhower’s family, including his granddaughter Laura Eisenhower, claim that the story is all true: that there really was a stranger in the Pentagon who was working to bring change to humanity by preaching a loving way of being and setting up the infrastructure of the world based on love.

Val’s Peaceful Preaching

Val spoke to Stranges, a devout Christian preacher, about Jesus Christ and the Bible, encouraging Stranges to devote himself to the spirit of love and compassion that the religion offered. He claimed that the teachings are the same throughout the galaxy and that this is what he was here to share. Val stayed in a special room in the Pentagon for three whole years before departing again on March 16.

Is this wild story true? Is the government hiding information about extra-terrestrial contact? Was there really a man from Venus who came to Earth to preach love and brotherhood to the political leaders of the world? We may never know for sure. But this story is fascinating and filled with intrigue nonetheless.

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