Unexplained Phenomena Regarded as Miraculous Manifestations of the Divine

Unexplained Phenomena Regarded as Miraculous Manifestations of the Divine

In our modern world, technology, science and practicality reign supreme. We take comfort in the ways we have learned to control and manage our environment. However, there are still many things in the world that we cannot explain. Life is still full of mystery and we can only forget this for a short time before some majestic occurrence reminds us that there is still so much that we don’t know. Unexplained phenomena often regarded as miracles are reported to happen all over the world every day. The impossible takes place and if we open ourselves to contemplate these things, it’s hard not to recognize some higher force of intelligence at work in the universe. Miracles occur in every religion. Not one is exempt from divine intervention. These are just a few of the types of miracles seen by many around the world.

The Incorruptible Corpses of the Saints


The incorruptible corpse of St. Catherine of Bologna.

In the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, a very strange phenomenon has been known to occur involving their saints. There are several cases where a nun or holy person has been dug up or discovered some time after their death…only to show no signs of decay. Their bodies are said to give off a sweet or floral smell and in some cases they are even reported to occasionally open and close their eyes and smile. The unexplained phenomena of incorruptible corpses is considered to point to the person’s holiness; that even beyond death, their divine nature can be felt. In some of these cases, the bodies were buried under conditions that should have sped up decomposition yet the bodies remained intact. This was the case with Catherine of Genoa, Julie Billiart and Francis Xavior. In one instance, a worker found a woman who looked as though she was buried that day but her body turned out to be roughly 1500-years-old. This was most likely the corpse of Tullia Ciceronis based on the epitaph on the tomb.

Once an incorruptible corpse has been discovered, it is often placed in a glass coffin allowing devoted followers to witness the impossible. Saint Padre Pio, Clare of Assisi, Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, Saint Rita of Cascia and Saint Joaquina de Vedruna are among the many saints who were found to have incorruptible bodies.

Scientist Baffled by the Ganesh Milk Miracle


Someone attempts the Hindu milk miracle with a statue of Ganesh.

On September 21, 1995, someone offered a spoonful of milk to the trunk of a Ganesh statue. To the person’s surprise, the milk disappeared, as though being absorbed by the statue. Tales of the event spread like wildfire and soon people all over the world were having the same experience with their Ganesh statues and it was even happening with figures of Shiva and Durga. A scientist hoping to resolve the issue of the unexplained phenomena observed the wonder himself. He hypothesized that the effect was caused by ‘capillary action’ which means that the surface of the statue was absorbing the milk before it had a chance to roll down the statue’s veneer. The very same day he made this assumption, the milk phenomena stopped and the milk instead began rolling down the statues. Within a short time, even these events stopped occurring. Suddenly, sometime between August 20th and 21st, 2006, the phenomena started up again and it is still occurring around the world today.

Several Unexplained Phenomena Involve the Manifestations of Mary

Statues of the Virgin Mary have been found bleeding, sweating and crying and, when the fluids are tested, have been found to come from a human origin. Spiritualists believe that Mary is the divine mother, predating yet connected to all religion, taking a form relevant to her observer. Whatever the case, the lady of light is the most witnessed divine figure, said to impart an immense sense of love, comfort and healing to all that connect with her. She comes to people all over the world as well as people of many religions.

The Incorruptible Bernadette and Her Visions in Lourdes


The incorruptible body of St. Bernadette.

There is no representation of the divine more commonly seen in divine manifestation than Mary. Regardless of religion and place on the planet, visions of Mary are occur. Mary is said to have visited a 14-year-old peasant girl named Bernadette at Lourdes in the South of France on 18 separate occasions. Bernadette was asked to build a church at the site of the grotto where the unexplained phenomena was seen and then instructed to dig in the ground and drink from the spring she found. In this place, pure water was discovered and many people drink and bathe in the water to this day in the hopes of receiving healing miracles. Several of these bathers have reported improvement and there have even been some verified medical miracles experienced by those who visit Lourdes, including the healing of a woman’s hand that was deformed by an accident. The spot is now a popular place to which millions of people make a pilgrimage every year. It should also be noted that Bernadette’s corpse is one of the uncorrupted.

The Lady of Fatima and Her Sun Disc


An unknown artist’s rendition of the Virgin Mary appearing during the events at Fatima.

Visions of a lady brighter than the sun came to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portagul. They reported that she asked them to do the rosary and pray for peace. She promised a miracle on October 13, 1917. It’s estimated that 30,000 to 100,000 people, including photographers and reporters, showed up to witness the miracle. As the people looked up to the sky, rain clouds broke and a silver spinning sun disc was seen casting dancing multicolored light across the sky and the people. The sun was said to have zig-zagged towards the Earth and then reset in its normal position. Clothes and earth that were wet from rain became instantly dry. The phenomena lasted approximately 10 minutes and was seen up to 40 kilometers away from the site in Fatima. These kind of sightings are actually common, but Fatima is possibly the most famous of such unexplained phenomena.

The Apparition of Zeitoun

In, Cairo, on the 2nd of April, 1968, a bus mechanic thought he saw a woman attempting suicide by jumping off the top of a church building. Soon the police came and a crowd formed. Police tried to get the crowd to disperse, saying it was just reflections of light, but people clearly saw a light-filled Virgin Mary. It lasted for some minutes and then ended. A week later, on the 9th, she was seen again for a few minutes. After that, she appeared 2 or 3 times a week until 1971. She was seen by millions of people over this time and filmed and photographed countless times.

Maybe there is more to the universe than what we know. If these signs of the divine are present within every religion, maybe all religious doctrine points to a deeper more miraculous and mysterious divinity that runs through everything. Maybe these unexplained phenomena manifest in the forms most holy to the viewers. Yet, at its source, there seems to be some beautiful, benevolent force that touches the heart of humanity and gives us the sense that there is more beauty and magic in the world than what we could ever imagine.


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