Unexplained Disappearances Cross Dimensional Boundaries in Missing 411 Cases

Unexplained Disappearances Cross Dimensional Boundaries in Missing 411 Cases

Countless people go missing in National Parks across the country for many reasons. They may have simply gotten lost, encountered an animal (or human) predator or even fallen and gotten hurt. But a small number of these cases occur under extremely strange circumstances and these unexplained disappearances tend to have some unsettling things in common. One of the most bizarre aspects of the cases is that they occur in the same location. Retired police officer, David Paulides, after being contacted by ex-government National Park employees, decided to research and try and get to the bottom of the occurrences.

Odd Threads Connecting Disappearances


David Paulides compiles data in hiss Missing 411 book series, exploring “clusters” where unexplained disappearances occur.

He published his findings in his book Missing 411. What he discovered is that the unexplained disappearances have a few things in common. The people often disappear in an instant, one moment being with friends or family, the next moment being gone. People are often found in hard or impossible to get to places, such as high up or very far away. Children as young as two are found up steep hills, miles away from where they were lost. Sometimes people are found in completely inaccessible areas or in areas that were repeatedly searched before. Some people are never found again, despite there being no road access anywhere near where they were lost, no threat of animal predators, and over 800 people (plus helicopters) searching, as is the case with Larry Jeffery of Henderson, Nevada in 1966.  Tracker dogs, such as blood hounds, are usually completely confused.

Many of the people who are lucky enough to be found are small children who are either too young to speak or have disabilities and can’t communicate. The ones who are adults come back confused with foggy memory, unable to recall what happened. Clothing of the missing people is also often discarded, even in the cold, and found neatly folded or just dropped directly on the ground, as if the person vanished from them.

Finding Missing 411 Clusters


The surprise Netflix summer hit Stranger Things touches on themes heavily explored in Paulides’ Missing 411 theories.

Strangely, the disappearances also tend to occur in the same spots, areas that Paulides refers to as “clusters”. In these areas, as many as 30 people may have been recorded as going missing on separate occasions, every case containing the same bizarre, often unexplainable details. The reason that no one notices the similarities in the missing person cases is that they tend to occur over a very long period of time, sometimes with decades in between each case.

When Paulides went to Federal agencies to explore the government files on the missing people cases, he was strongly refused. Undeterred, he was forced to compile his own lists. Paulides found there to be approximately 30 clusters around the country where the unexplained disappearances occur. He has also found many additional clusters around the world.

Disappeared Who Recall Their Unexplained Disappearances

Some of the people who go missing and return do remember some of what happens and what they describe is a memory of being in an alternate version of the place from which they originated. The sky and features of their location changes somewhat and has a different look. Sometimes they see people around them but the people can’t see them in turn. Strange, otherworldly creatures are said to interact with the missing. They report hearing familiar voices calling them and some people remember being grabbed, and even have marks on them from where they were forcibly pulled.

The stories have a lot in common with reports that were often linked to fairy or elf abductions in earlier centuries. The missing person seems to vanish into some kind of alternate version of time and reality, where they are often helped or communicated with by other creatures, new animals or tiny men. Sometimes the other creatures are benevolent and sometimes they are not.

It’s possible that these unexplained disappearances occur because there are nexus spots around the world where the veil between dimensions is thinner. These areas may contain portals or inter-dimensional hot spots. Children may be more susceptible to crossing over because they are less bound by the laws of our dimension, especially very young children and disabled children. It may be alien contact or even government experiments. It’s impossible to say. What we do know is that we live in an amazing universe where we have barely even begun to understand all that exists within it. All things are possible.


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