Underground Bases: Alien Life on Earth

Underground Bases: Alien Life on Earth

There may be more going on beneath your feet than you realize. Legends of subterranean alien cities have been reported to exist throughout the world for thousands of years from golden underground beings reported in Asia by Hindus to accounts of ancient giants who went underground near the Carolina Islands. In more recent times there have even been stories of underground bases, built by the U.S government, for the purposes of housing and studying alien life.

A Battle Fought Beneath U.S. Soil


The late Philip Schneider.

In 1979, in the small town of Dulce, New Mexico, an explosives engineer named Philip Schneider was employed by the U.S. government to build a “secret underground base” in the area. The engineer had a high-level security clearance and claims to have witnessed a fight between the humans and aliens living below; a battle that left 60 people dead and many aliens harmed or killed.

Schneider became apprehensive when he noticed Green Berets and Special Forces present at the underground base. Then one day while drilling, he came face to face with a 7 foot tall, foul-smelling grey alien. He whipped out the gun he’d been carrying and killed two of the aliens. Another alien assailant allegedly used advanced weaponry to shoot a plasma-based laser ball at Schneider, blowing off some of his fingers. A Green Beret sacrificed his own life saving Schneider, joining a list of 59 other soldiers lost in battle that day.

A Vast Network of Underground Bases


The rumored location of Dulce Base in New Mexico, via Google Earth.

Schneider claimed that there were 1,477 underground bases located around the world. He stated that 129 of those underground bases were located in the U.S. further explaining that each base is estimated to cost $17 billion or more to operate. The rumored Black Budget, which is kept secret from the public and other government agencies, is said to collect 25% of the gross national product. He alleges that many countries have been involved with this type of alien warfare.

Despite many people claiming that Schneider’s allegations were false, he became progressively more vocal, calling for the government to be transparent regarding their knowledge of alien life. He said that the government was trying to silence him and when he died in an apparent suicide, his supporters were convinced there was corruption involved. Schneider’s claims found unlikely support in 1999 when the French government released a study that determined that the U.S. government had withheld evidence regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

LA’s Subterranean Reptoid City

On January 29, 1934, before censorship of such news was enforced, a story appeared in the LA Times regarding an underground city built 5,000 years ago by highly advance lizard people. Hopi Native American legends tell of a time when their “Snake Brothers” built and lived in underground bases (or more accurately underground cities) in Arizona, Mexico, Central America, and areas near the Pacific Coast. In that ancient time,


A map based off of G. Warren Shufelt’s findings.

a great fire estimated to be hundreds of miles wide and coming from the southwest was thought to have forced these civilizations underground in an attempt to escape any potential future fires of such grand scope.

Many years later in Los Angeles, geophysical engineer G. Warren Shufelt stumbled upon one of three underground bases believed to be built by the lizard people near the Pacific Coast.

Shufelt’s radio X-ray led him through a series of underground tunnels which he mapped, also noting the detailed presence of rooms and deposits of gold. He had no idea what he’d stumbled upon until he met with Hopi Tribe member Little Chief Greenleaf; his English name being on record as L. Macklin. Little Chief Greenleaf told Shufelt about the legends of the lizard people.

Their technology was so highly advanced that the ancient, underground city was dug using powerful chemicals and maintained with an advanced type of cement. The lower tunnels drained into the ocean where the daily tide pumped in fresh air that was ventilated into the upper tunnels, allowing the lower tunnels to be cleansed and sanitized.

X-Ray Mapping a Subterranean City


Meanwhile, beneath Los Angeles…

It is said that the city is laid out in the shape of a lizard with its tail to the southwest (approximately beneath where the Los Angeles Central Library stands today) and with its head pointing northeast (beneath present day Dodger Stadium). The key room is considered to be under South Broadway near 2nd Street. 1000 families were said to live in big rooms in the domes of the hills that are described in legends as tall buildings. Herbs and imperishable food was stored in catacombs and the lizard people had all they needed to survive future fires.

The Hopi legends speak of golden tablets, 4 feet long and 14 inches wide, residing in these tunnels that contain records including the history of the Mayans. The origins of the human race would be found on the tablet with the southwest corner missing. Shufelt was able to take X-ray pictures of thirty seven tablets located underground, with perfect sides and corners. Three of these had the southwest corner missing.

So as you can see, not everything is as it seems. The next time you’re walking through your town, remember, those aliens may not just be out there, but down there too! Like they say: as above, so below.


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