UFO Abduction Underlying Mystery of Todd Sees Case

UFO Abduction Underlying Mystery of Todd Sees Case

Many UFO abduction stories are reported every year. Countless people across the world have alien encounters or witness things that can’t be explained. Todd Sees’ story is a disturbing and bizarre one because not only is UFO abduction a possible explanation for his untimely death but it also points to potential government involvement or even a government conspiracy and cover-up. 14 years after the event, we are still no closer to discovering what happened to Sees but UFO researcher Butch Witkowski and Phantoms and Monsters archivist Lon Stricker continue to research and write on the case in the hopes that we can understand, on a larger level, what could have created such an event.

An Exhausting Search


A newspaper article details the grueling search effort for alleged UFO abductee Todd Sees.

Early on an August morning in 2012, Sees went hunting near his home in Northumberland, PA. He drove his four wheeler up Mountain Ridge along a large power line path. At noon, when he hadn’t returned, his wife called the authorities. A search party of over 200 people, not to mention search dogs, was organized within a short amount of time in the hopes of finding Sees. His vehicle was discovered at the top of Mountain Ridge but Sees was nowhere to be found. The party searched across 6 miles of the mountain as well as all surrounding areas. They even searched a pond that was 200 yards from the family home. Divers combed the pond but found nothing. The search continued for two days until Sees was found 25 yards from the pond in brush area that was assumed to have been covered during the extensive search.

FBI Involvement in the Aftermath

Sees was found in his underwear, his skin extremely pale and his face was reported to have a look of terror on it. At the point where the rescue team had found the body, cleared away the hedges and recovered Sees, a very strange thing occurred. Agents claiming to be FBI came and confiscated Sees’ body. The family was not allowed to officially identify him or see the body and he was given a closed casket funeral. But the family were not convinced that his body was even in the casket. On top of this, officials questioned family, neighbors and the rescue team in order to find out if anyone had seen anything that could relate to Sees’ disappearance and death. Rescue workers were even herded into a town building and debriefed by the FBI agents.

Account Pointing to UFO Abduction


Sees took his 4-wheeler up Mountain Ridge’s power line path never to be seen alive again.

A local farmer said he saw a big round object hovering above the power lines, motionless and silent for about 10 to 15 minutes on the morning of Todd Sees disappearance. He then saw the craft shoot up high into the air. Allegedly he saw the craft shine a light down and pick something up before flying away over the Susquehanna River.

Other factors that point to UFO abduction or conspiracy in general is that his cause of death was given as both a rattlesnake bite and cocaine overdose. His official documentation disappeared, including his birth certificate, marriage and driver’s license as well as employment and military records. Witkowski has also had strange encounters with people checking up on his work from time to time. We may never really know what happened to Todd Sees. The case remains open and Witkowski and Stricker continue to investigate in the hopes this incident and the Sees family can ultimately get some resolution about what really happened to Todd Sees.

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