Try your hand at Mind Reading

Try your hand at Mind Reading

Here is a game. I used to sometimes play this game with whomever I was dating at the time (but it doesn’t have to be! Just someone you are comfortable enough for your forhead to be 6 inches from there.) It’s really fun!  One of you imagines a color, but doesn’t tell (make it easy on the other i.e. green, not chartruse!) and the other one focuses real hard. I think it helps to have your faces close, but to each his own. If you are doing it correctly, you will start to see a hint of the color the other is imagining in the black space behind your eyes. Clear your mind and be paitent! When you see it, you will know! Just make sure the partner imagining the color tells the truth! Remember, failure is half the fun!


Here is another resource that outlines some good training techniques from ( content/uploads/2010/10/telepathy.jpg)

What is Telepathy ?
A.   Telepathy is the direct transference of thought from one person (sender) to another person (receiver) without using normal sensory channels.
B.   The ability to communicate on another level than verbal and written – you communicate using only your mind. It’s sending and receiving thoughts.
C.   transfer of physical, emotional or mental energy,and or a combination of these energies, from one living being to another without physical contact.
D.   Telepathy is instinctual. Primitive species used it as a survival mechanism. It involves mind to mind contact
E.   communication – beyond the use of the five physical senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell.

Types of Telepathy
1.   physical telepathy
2.   emotional telepathy
3.   mental telepathy
to learn telepathy one needs to identify the type most suitable to ones own abilities

How to develop Telepathy
1.   everybody has latent telepathic abilities and it is a matter of remembering and accessing those
2.   to learn telepathy try and practice telepathic exercises
3.   it is important to know how to clear your mind, how to center yourself and how to concentrate on being IN THE MOMENT
4.   meditation techniques can help to focus one’s presence

What is Twin Telepathy ?
1. telepathic abilities displayed by twins
2. Twins are often telepathic from when they are very young infants
3. they are in the same frequency at the same time and learn to communicate with words.
4. as infants twins telepathy often is about a single thought – the feeling of hunger, later twins use it as a form of instinctive communication
5. twin telepathy or telepathy between CLOSE family members can remain functioning for a life time.
to learn telepathy between family members can result in faster success


Learn Telepathy Exercise using Playing Cards
1.   you will need a pack of playing cards
2.   a sheet of paper and a pencil for scoresheet
3.   Be present in this moment
4.   Center yourself
5.   Feel yourself to be truly “here” and “now” present
6.   Still your mind
7.   Do not think of any other place. Do not think of the past or the future
8.   Do not think of anything
9.   ( this is the hardest part of learn telepathy, to still the mind – meditation can be a good telepathy exercise in preparation for transmitting telepathic signals)
10.   Choose one person to “send” and the other to “receive”.
11.   Sit down back to back with another person , the receivers back faces the senders back
12.   Sender shuffles the pack of CARDS AND lifts up the top card looking at it
13.   Sender then “tap’s the card” signaling the beginning of transmission
14.   Sender then mentally ‘send’ the color red or black depending on the colour of the card to the mind of the other person
15.   Receiver then tries to connect with senders mind to see if they can pick up what is being telepathically send
16.   There are several ways of “sending”…..imagine the word red or the word black when you CLOSE your eyes, or think of a red or black object, i.e. imagine a red fireengine, a red flower, a red carpet or a black Porsche, black soot, black dustbin
17.   The receiver then calls out the caller that he or she thinks the card is.
18.   The sender places a tick (for a correct answer) or a cross (for a wrong one) on the scoresheet

There are 52 cards in a playing card pack

According to the Law of chance a score of 26 correct answers is predicted

The receiver who scores consistently higher then the average 50150 score is undoubtedly making use of some kind of telepathic power.

When you have experimented with telepathic exercises with colours for a while you can start attempting to telepathically transmit different suits.

To Learn Telepathy takes time and patience.psychic sources,develop telepathy,developing telepathy, mental telepathy,telepathic abilities,



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