True Mysteries of Some of the Creepiest Children of All Time

True Mysteries of Some of the Creepiest Children of All Time

Creepy children are a staple of the horror genre but could we actually fathom dealing with them in our real lives? Some people didn’t get the choice, like Brian Bethel who claims he was accosted in 1996 by two children with soulless black pits for eyes. You might be quick to point out that you could still easily buy Surge in 1996 to explain those soulless eyes, but Bethel lays down some other terrifying details: the children menacingly eyeing him through his cracked car window, their stating of the ground rules “we can’t come in unless you tell us it’s okay”, and the fact that they were actually asking him for a ride to see the Mortal Kombat movie, the most sickening of vices. But the black-eyed kids have nothing on the green children of Woolpit and Hexham’s Pollock Twins.

Black Eyed Kids

Mortal Kombat in movie form…what could go wrong?”

Green Children of Woolpit:

Stories of green children of Woolpit began to circulate after King Stephen’s turbulent reign from 1135-1154. Two children were discovered near a wolf pit (of which the village of Woolpit in Suffolk got its name). Eyewitnesses to the arrival of Suffolk’s green children of Woolpit indicate the siblings were dressed in oddly colored garb and bore a green tint to their skin. Since Woolpit had not developed Homeland Security, they invited the green children into their homes. Accounts of the green children of Woolpit indicate that they spoke an alien language and refused to eat the bread offered them, opting to starve instead. However, it was soon discovered that the strange siblings relished freshly reaped beans with the stalks still intact. The green children of Woolpit were sadly separated when the little boy fell into depression and died following his baptism.


The Green Children of Woolpit: Totally safe on St. Patrick’s Day

His sister became known as Agnes Barre and after learning English, she assimilated into Woolpit society, lost the green hue, and even married a man from an adjacent county. Agnes fell victim to medieval slut-shaming with historians describing her as “rather loose and wanton” and “impudent.” Luckily for us, she was also loose with the lips and spilled the beans (stalks and all) on the origins of the green children of Woolpit. She describes her homeland of St. Martin as a place of constant twilight somewhere beneath the ground. Like the green children of Woolpit the inhabitants of St. Martin were also green in hue. While Agnes was unclear as to the exact location of her homeland, she mentioned that another large land mass was visible across an immense river. While dutifully herding cattle with her little brother, Agnes had heard a loud noise. Upon following the cattle into the cave, the children became disoriented and, following the chiming of bells, found themselves emerging beside the wolf pit where they were discovered. One historian who recorded the legend of the mysterious green children of Woolpit described his witnesses as credible and numerous.


That town really loves their green men and werewolves

The Pollock Twins:

The case of Hexham, England’s Pollock Twins is often cited in debating the likelihood of reincarnation. A year before the birth of the Pollock Twins, John and Florence Pollock lost their daughters, Jacqueline and Joanna, who were hit by a car while walking to church. The grief-stricken parents desperately wanted another child and soon Florence was pregnant. John immediately felt, despite her beliefs and those of her doctors, that Florence was carrying twins. But John went one step further, challenging his Catholic beliefs by claiming these twins would be the reincarnation of Jacqueline and Joanna. On October 4, 1958, Florence gave birth to Gillian and Jennifer Pollock who in a few short years would be popularly known as the Pollock Twins. John immediately noticed a white line marring the infant Jennifer’s forehead, parallel to the late Jacqueline’s scar from a bicycling accident. Likewise, Jennifer bore a birthmark on her leg that was identical to Jacqueline’s birthmark.

Pollock Twins

“Your fear tastes oddly familiar.”

The Pollock Twins moved away from Hexham with their family when they were only 3 months old, yet upon returning to Hexham at age 4, they began to exhibit eerie behavior. The Pollock Twins requested to visit a park they’d never attended, but that their sisters had frequented. They identified their deceased sisters’ school as their own school, even describing details of the school’s layout, such as the obscured playground behind the building. When presented with the toys of their deceased sisters, the Pollock Twins were able to successfully identify each teddy bear and doll by the names their sisters had given them. These oddities may seem harmless but there was also a distinctly unsettling habit of the Pollock Twins that understandably concerned their parents. They would play a game in which they re-enacted the deaths of their sisters, with Gillian observing aloud that blood was spilling from Jennifer’s eyes since that is where the car hit her. Try explaining that to social services. An idling car also sent the Pollock Twins into screams of terror, shouting “The car! It’s coming to get us!” John and Florence claim that around the age of 5, the Pollock Twins simply became garden variety twins as opposed to the creepy kind.

Pollock Twins 2

“It’s time to play our favorite game: Tears of Blood.”

While lacking the sinister nature prevalent in so many of the horror genre’s creepy children, the otherworldly green children of Woolpit and the tragic Pollock Twins carry with them enough mystery to hold their own amongst the Damiens, Shining twins…maybe not the girl from The Ring, but definitely the other ones. While aspects of both stories have been contested, neither has been satisfactorily explained.

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