Stash Cans: Best Places To Hide Weed In Your Star Cruiser

Stash Cans: Best Places To Hide Weed In Your Star Cruiser

Even though marijuana is becoming more accepted in our Universe, not only as a suitable medical treatment, but also as a safer recreational alternative, Smoke Jedi, in certain states, are still being arrested unjustly and charged with felonies for simple possession.

Your Lord, Darth Vapor, is aware of this and is fed up with Smoke Jedi getting taken advantage of by this Corrupt Senate, therefore I’ve devised a set of options to follow as precautionary measures to use when concealing your weed.


Although these guidelines can be used on the fly, it’s best to follow them prior to operating your star cruiser in order to maximize the prevention of citation, incarceration, or worse.

The Scenario

Police lights by night

So you’re out and about in the Galaxy with your Troopers on a Saturday night, and are about to hit that fat joint of Vader OG that you saved for the weekend. Before you light up with your light saber, you see flashing lights behind you and realize that you’re about to be pulled over by authorities. It’s alright, don’t lose your shit just yet.


As spoken from my protégé, Dark Tyranus, “I sense great fear in you, Skywalker. You have hate. You have anger. But you don’t use them.”

By following these simple guidelines set forth by the Dark side’s finest, you’ll be able to avoid stiff legal penalties and consequences of using an herb that no Smoke Jedi has ever overdosed from.

Where To Conceal Your Weed


If you’re just about to be pulled over and have time to get under the dashboard of the passenger seat, this is a great spot to hide your weed. The many crevices, nooks and crannies of the dashboard are ideal spots for hiding small amounts of weed, and are less likely to be sought out after.


Another great place to store your weed is in the small crevices of your star cruiser’s headliner. It’s especially hard for drug canines to sniff out chronic near the ceiling of your cruiser.


As a last resort, eating your marijuana, if it’s a small enough amount, is not a bad idea. It’s close to impossible to overdose from weed, and eating your stash at the last second, might be your only option when trying to avoid a citation or arrest.


Stash Cans: The Best Choice


Not in the mood for eating your remaining stash? Stash cans are probably the best way to ensure that you won’t get busted. Stash cans come in a variety of brand name products and some are even smell-proof. Placing your weed in one of these can throw off suspecting authorities as well as canines. Who’s going to know you have weed on you when it’s hidden in one of your Coca Cola stash cans? Try hiding one in a trash bag – nobody wants to dig through a bag of trash!  (Hopefully, no one from the Corrupt Senate reads this!)

Where Not To Conceal Your Weed


Never conceal you weed on the exterior of the your star cruiser, such as the fuel cap compartment or near the bumper, since drug canines can detect marijuana in these locations with ease.



Don’t be the idiot who tries to trick authorities by leaving your joint in the ash tray or in the center control console where they can easily spot it from the pilot’s side window.


If the glove compartment seems like a great idea…’s not. Authorities can easily spot joints or other paraphernalia, especially when you’re anxiously searching for your insurance card or registration.


Throwing your weed in a backpack or small bag near the back of your cruiser is asking for trouble in certain situations, since authorities can easily look through these and have actually been trained to do so in some states. Federal and non-warranted checkpoints are notorious for searching for suspicious bags with canines.

Obie Bong Kenobie thought this would work, and got busted last month for trying to hide his weed in there…Dumbass.


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