Real Life Fairies Actually Aliens This Whole Time?

Real Life Fairies Actually Aliens This Whole Time?

Since the earliest records in history, man has communicated about there being a connection with extradimensional beings. These creatures affected time, were paralyzing or hypnotic in appearance and had the ability to appear and disappear in light. Rather than contemplate extraterrestrial beings as coming directly from another third dimensional space, it is more than possible that extraterrestrial beings have a higher frequency than human vibrational patterns and instead come from a higher dimensional field that is not restricted by the laws of linear time and space. Both light and sound embody these higher frequencies. In fact, our human eyes perceive only the tiniest spectrum of light and sound. In reality, there is a heck of a lot more going on around us than any of us are aware.

Extraterrestrial or Extradimensional?


An illustration circa 1880 by T. H. Thomas of a man saving his comrade from a “fairy circle” recounts disturbing alien abductions.

Given this fact, it is more than possible that the extraterrestrial encounters we hear about that seem to defy the laws of time and space may actually be encounters with extradimensional beings instead. Encounters that describe lights in the sky, swirling wheels, glowing beings, strange paralysis, missing time and other such things may all be a result of interdimensional activity. It doesn’t take much these days to go on YouTube and see hundreds of strange videos showing impossible occurrences of moving crafts and lights. In some cases, such as “the phoenix lights“, the entire city saw these strange events in the sky.

Parallels Between Encounters with Aliens and Real Life Fairies

So an interesting factor beyond this is how similar these alien encounters are with the thousands of years of stories about fairy folk. Several books describe fairy folklore and fairy encounters. The Philosopher’s Secret Fire by Patrick Harper shares many stories about fairy abduction. The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries by Walter Evans Wentz reviews all manner of fairy culture and customs. The stories about real life fairies are strikingly similar to the alien encounter stories with which many are familiar. Real life fairies are encountered in bright lights, time is lost, the human feels paralyzed, which is a state that used to be described as a “fairy stroke”, sometimes gifts are left behind and sometimes people are physically afflicted by the experience. It was common in old times to warn children about straying too far from home or the fairies would kidnap them. Stories of abduction date back as far as we can see. Although the modern versions are a little more high tech, there are eerie similarities between both tales.

The Alien Terror of the “Fairy Stroke”

According to folklore, a person could be kidnapped by fairies while walking through the forest. In such a case the person would lose time and disappear. Sometimes they were gone just a short time but sometimes they were gone much longer. The person would lose their memory of the event, recalling only dreamlike features. They sometimes returned with special gifts, such as healing abilities, but other times returned with physical disabilities. During the fairy kidnapping, the creature would induce a paralyzed “fairy stroke” in their human subject in order to take them away. Does any of this sound familiar? It should.

Bizarre Themes of Reproduction


Fairy tales like “Rumpelstiltskin” deal with themes of otherworldly creatures obsessed with abducting babies.

The fairy kidnapping is disturbingly similar to alien abduction stories. The person is contacted, usually with bright light present. A state of paralysis is induced and the person is taken away. The abductee’s memory is foggy and sometimes hours or even days are lost, described as missing time. Abductees sometimes return with healed ailments and sometimes they return with ailments they never had. Another uncanny similarity is impregnating from the foreign being and then the stealing of babies once they are born. This terrifying theme runs through many alien and fairy myths, including the stories about fairies who steal babies and replace them with “changelings”, who are fairy replacements for human children. Many also describe being impregnated by alien abductors or being forced to impregnate another, only to have the child ultimately stolen.

The Lighter Side of Fairy Encounters

Many wonderful encounters are also described in folklore, between real life fairies and humans. Sudden inspiration, money, gifts or even just pancakes have been given to humans by fairies. Similarly, many Pleiadian, Lyran and Sirian alien enthusiasts describe wonderful experiences and connections with extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings.

The truth is, it is highly likely that there is more to the world than what we can see. In fact we know this as scientific fact. So it is more than possible and also likely that the many encounters experienced by people with foreign beings are actually interdimensional encounters with higher dimensional beings. Perhaps by having an awareness of this, we can be more loving and filled with light if we should encounter such an entity. If the being is vibrating beyond this heavy, dense vibratory field, it’s likely that it will respond more positively to an encounter with lighter more loving frequencies. Remember, all thoughts create frequencies. Choose kind ones!


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