Real Fairies Focus of Britain’s Fairy Investigation Society

Real Fairies Focus of Britain’s Fairy Investigation Society

For many centuries, people from across the world have described encounters with all kinds of different fairy spirits. There are legends about real fairies stealing children or even replacing children in the case of “changelings”. They are described as appearing in all different shapes and sizes and are thought to be connected strongly to nature and its cycles. The mysterious world of fairies has appealed to all kinds of people over the years and Quentin C.A. Craufurd, a naval officer, is one of those people. A friend of his gave him a book called The Gates of Horn: Being Sundry Records from the Proceedings of the Society for the Investigation of Faery Fact & Fallacy by the artist Bernard Sleigh in which the inner workings of the fairy are researched by a special organization. Craufurd became so enthralled with the idea, that he contacted Sleigh and, together in 1927, they started the Fairy Investigation Society (FIS).

How the FIS Tried to Interact with Real Fairies

FIS attempted to establish communications with real fairies

The FIS attempted to establish contact with real fairies.

The FIS actively sought to connect with the fairies and even went so far as to use wireless communication and radios to speak with the fairies. They challenged fairies to open buds of flowers in the garden and generally sought to connect, interact and learn about this other world. Society members were often people who themselves spoke to fairies and described themselves as psychics. They had written channeled communications with fairies which sometimes involved being told where archaeological treasures were buried. Amazingly enough, sometimes these treasures were found. Even Walt Disney himself is listed as a member.

Sexual Inhibition Disrupts the FIS

The FIS was eventually taken over by its secretary, Marjorie Johnson, a fairy seer who had been collecting stories about fairy encounters. With her guidance, the society grew numbers and enthusiasm. Johnson planned to release a book with all the fairy encounters she had recorded over the years. Unfortunately, in 1960, before the sexual revolution hit the world, an article was published in the Sunday Pictorial that claimed that Johnson would talk about fairy sex and reproduction. The article claims that Johnson called the fairies bisexual and polyamorous, sharing each other’s husbands and wives. The article claimed that fairies reproduced via “wishful thinking” as opposed to impregnation. The article got a massive amount of media attention and Johnson was mocked, scrutinized and badgered by reporters.

The FIS in Modern Times

marjorie johnsons seeing fairies was punlished in 2014

Marjorie Johnson’s “Seeing Fairies” was published in 2014.

Johnson retired and the society floundered without her guidance until recently, when historian Simon Young decided to resurrect it. And he changed the requirements for membership. “The old FIS was really a theosophist organization, in that to belong you had to believe. Today, the big difference is that we are a society of those interested in fairy lore, which includes believers but also many who are not believers.” To this effect, he started a fairy survey, collecting hundreds if not thousands of accounts of real fairies with whom people have interacted. On top of this, Johnson’s book of real fairy interactions was published as Seeing Fairies in 2014. It does not contain any material about the sexual nature of fairies.

If you’re interested in real fairies, folklore and the magic of nature, you can contact the FIS directly through the official Fairy Investigation Society website.

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