New Star Wars Photos: Episode VII Reveal a New Hope

New Star Wars Photos: Episode VII Reveal a New Hope

So now that you’ve deleted your mom’s “May the Fourth Be With You” post from your Facebook wall, it’s time to get down to business: this week Vanity Fair shed some light on all-but-confirmed rumors regarding Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (or as it’s come to be known since its first full trailer premiered last month Star Wars: Episode VII – An Even Newer Hope). Yes, all of us were wiping the tears from our eyes at the sight of Han, Chewie, and R2-D2, and it’s been confirmed for ages that we’ll be seeing Luke and Leia to some degree as well but while some of us were screaming “What about Lando?” and others were sighing in relief that J.J. Abrams didn’t troll us with a metal-bikini-clad sexy female Gungan character, most of us were just formulating our theories on the new characters.

adam driverIt comes as no surprise that Adam Driver, who had already sworn his allegiance to one faction of the Dark Side, Girls, has now joinedThe Force Awakens‘ new Dark Side, which has been re-branded in the future (or the slightly less distant past) as the First Order, He’ll be playing the black-cad Kylo Ren. Renowned portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz snapped some shots on the set of The Force Awakens for Vanity Fair including one of  Driver looking a bit like an effeminate Jon Snow but somehow that ended up actually looking cooler than it sounds.

poe-dameron-x-wingThe Rebel Alliance, not to be outdone by the Sith Lords’ corporate savvy, have re-branded themselves as the Resistance which is a bit of a misstep even if it is more cost effective when printing up T-shirts for the corporate picnic. However, they’re still keeping things classy and classic as revealed in Leibovitz’s portrait of Oscar Issac as X-wing fighter pilot Poe Dameron looking a bit too wind-swept and cocky for someone just hanging arodaisy ridley star warsund the Jakku desert.

Daisey Ridley was photographed perched atop a desert speeder in Jakku with JJ Abrams pointing to something probably more interesting outside of the shot. However, this image still has a bit more of an element of mystery to it since Rey’s surname is still being kept under wraps which means she’s probably a Skywalker or a Solo.

One of the more interesting character additions is an alleged maz-kanataspace pirate Maz Kanata played by Lupita Nyong’o. An image of Nyong’o equipped with motion capture sensors indicates that Kanata will be of an alien race. Considering Abrams seems to be approaching this project with reverence, we can only deduce that Maz Kanata will not be a metal-bikini-clad sexy female Gungan. Leibovitz also caught a few shots of the rapscallions and smugglers in repose in the foyer of Kanata’s castle, though it’s unclear whether Kanata is among them.phasma

Finally, though Vanity Fair kept this one kind of close to the chest, Leibovitz’s photo of the assumed villainous Captain Phasma quickly made the rounds. Fans have been calling Phasma “the Chrome Trooper” based on her brief but memorable appearance in the trailer. Since her head is ensconced in a helmet, it’s impossible to tell that Phasma is portrayed by Gwendoline Christie, most recognizable as the amazonian knight Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones.

Absent were any photos of John Boyega as Finn but you’ll remember him from the trailer as the Storm Trooper having a panic attack. However, rumor has it that Finn is a defecting Storm Trooper who is being pursued by Captain Phasma.

While leaked plot points are given even more credence, there are still mysteries that the Abrams camp have managed to keep under wraps. Domhnall Gleeson who’s currently in theaters having sci-fi troubles in Ex Machina is rumored to actually be causing sci-fi troubles in The Force Awakens as a double agent working from within the First Order. Andy Serkis is supposedly playing a villain simply named Uber who will most likely not be human since Serkis sleeps in motion capture sensors. Leaked concept art also indicates that Max Von Sydow will be a cyborg who survived the Clone Wars just as we survived Attack of the Clones…though admittedly some of us came out of it looking pretty similar to that concept art. But it’s nice to keep some sense of mystery until December.

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