Montauk Project Breaks Barriers Between Space, Time, and Reality

Montauk Project Breaks Barriers Between Space, Time, and Reality

For decades now, the public has had a feeling that the government wasn’t telling us everything it knows about UFOs, dimensional fields and mind control. Countless theories exist to explain the unexplainable but one of the most incredible stories by far revolves around the Montauk Project. Stories about the Montauk Project seem to have circulated since the ‘80s, detailing military experiments in mind control and psychological warfare. We already received a government apology for the horrific experiments inflicted by CIA agents for the MKUltra project that involved LSD and general torture in order to develop mind control technology. So when stories surfaced about the Montauk Project and an agency allied with a military base with a similar agenda, people took notice. Yet the stories surrounding the Montauk Project go so much further.

The Montauk Dream Team


Preston Nichols was the alleged subject of bizarre experiments in the Montauk Project.

The stories seem to have originated around a series of books called the Montauk Project which detail the repressed memories of Preston Nichols, a man who claims to have a degree in parapsychology, psychology and electrical engineering. The books are co-authored by Peter Moon and discuss Nichols involvement with experiments on mind control, time travel and even space travel. Nichols claims that the experiments began after a series of crashes around the world, most specifically New Mexico, got the attention of the government. A project was set up to monitor paranormal, psychic and unconventional sciences. Allegedly, the project was run by John Hutchinson Sr., Dean of the University of Chicago, Dr. Kurtenhauer, an Austrian Physicist who later formed the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton, New Jersey, and renowned scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla. The group was later joined by a well-educated doctor of physics, Dr. John von Neumann.

Tesla’s Experiments in Invisibility

The project was so big and wide reaching that it had to be branched off into smaller subjects with sectors that included specified research into telepathy, mind control, teleportation and time travel. Tesla is said to have conducted experiments with invisibility on an empty navy ship. Reportedly, he achieved success in 1940. Tesla was adamant that no one be on board the ship while the experiment was being conducted, stating that if anyone was on board while the gauss coils were activated then the electromagnetic radiation would damage them within this reality. Tesla, on many occasions, claimed to be in contact with extraterrestrials and even noted that his wireless technology allowed him to make contact with them. He allegedly reported that the extraterrestrials also agreed with his warnings involving the experiments in invisibility.

The Horrors of the Philadelphia Experiment


The USS Eldridge was made invisible through the Philadelphia Experiment with disastrous consequences.

The Navy, desperate to win the war did not accept this as a response, and ultimately Tesla resigned from the project. It was picked up by von Neumann who hired more personnel and went on to perform the infamous, disastrous Philadelphia Experiment wherein a staffed navy ship became invisible but became seriously damaged upon recalibrating. This included people returning inside out, fused to parts of the ship or each other as well as mentally damaged.

Forging Ahead as the Phoenix Project

The project continued running experiments as the Phoenix Project until it was cancelled in the early ‘70s. The scientists running the facility were then funded by a private source, often suspected to be a Nazi organization that was in ownership of $10 billion in gold that was lost on a freight train during World War II, believed to be worth much more due to inflation. The military, seeing the benefits of the technology gathered by the Phoenix scientists, decided to work with them, providing them with the SAGE Radar System, which was used to alter electromagnetic frequencies, and giving them personnel and space at the Montauk Air Force Base, located at Fort Hero on Montauk Point, Long Island.

The SAGE Radar Signaling the Introduction of the Montauk Project


With the power of the SAGE radar stations, the Montauk Project hit its stride.

Experiments using the SAGE Radar were used to alter people’s emotions and thoughts and eventually they developed a reliable way of controlling people’s thoughts and states. They also created a device that would make the electromagnetic energy around a person, basically their aura, visible to the human eye. Part of this technology purportedly came from information gathered from Sirian extraterrestrials in which it had been used for a mind reading device.

The Montauk Chair

They found that with some manipulation of the electrical coils and the SAGE Radar system, they could turn the mind reading device into a powerful transmitter. This was called the Montauk Chair and it was developed in 1974. If a psychically active person was put in the chair, they found that the person could execute perfect mind control and transmit thoughts to someone in a remote location. Duncan Cameron was the psychically active person used to conduct these experiments.

The issue they had with this was time related. Glitches in time caused the scientists to develop adjustments to the chair in 1976, using multiple Delta Time coils. The adjustments allowed Cameron to now spontaneously create objects from his mind as well as move objects with his mind. People were able to be spied on and manipulated from a distance and even groups of people could be affected.

Applying Orion Technology


Supposed photographic evidence of the creature birthed from Nichols’ mind in the Montauk Chair.

In 1979, the chair was altered again using technology based on information given by extraterrestrials from Orion. The Orion Delta T antenna was used to allow Cameron to create time portals. Large numbers of homeless people were selected for these experiments, the reasoning being that if they were thrown though these time portals and didn’t return, no one would notice. Many were sent to 6037AD to see a ruined civilization that had a large golden horse statue. Cameron had seen this city and having test subjects report on it would confirm the validity. Hundreds to thousands of people were said to be put through the time portals but few returned. With the success of the time portals, space was the next frontier. A portal to Mars was created, specifically going to an area in a pyramid. Although exact details are unknown, they concluded that an intelligent form of life once lived on the surface 125,000 years ago.

The Montauk Beast

Scientists within the project, fearing the outcome of all the experiments, wanted to end the project. It finally ended on August 12, 1983, when a code word was whispered to Cameron and a beast was released from his subconscious. The beast tore up the facility before running loose from it and the chair and equipment had to be destroyed in order to disintegrate the beast. Once it was destroyed, the project closed down. All personnel involved had their memories erased and were brainwashed, according to Nichols. In 1984 cement was poured through the facility and the gates were locked. It was ultimately donated to the state of New York as a park.

The Montauk Project book series explores the details of these occurrences in depth and a documentary called Montauk Chronicles features Preston Nichols as well as key figures Al Bielek and Stewart Swerdlow is available online and on DVD. The film won the best documentary award at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival in New York City.


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