MKULTRA Credited for 3 Disturbing Brainwashing Conspiracy Theories

MKULTRA Credited for 3 Disturbing Brainwashing Conspiracy Theories

MKULTRA, a classified project consisting of unethical experiments in mind control conducted by the CIA from April of 1953 through 1973, is not a conspiracy theory. The CIA doesn’t deny its use of shocking brainwashing techniques in the name of MKULTRA. The conspiracy theories come into play in questioning the true depths that MKULTRA plumbed and whether or not the program is actually still in play in some clandestine manner. These aren’t far-fetched insinuations considering that something as terrifying as MKULTRA actually happened. But if there are shadow organizations in play, what could they accomplish with the information gathered during the 20 admitted years of MKULTRA?

The CIA Started the Countercultural Hippie Movement


Popular conspiracy theories speculate that the CIA fabricated the countercultural hippie movement of the mid to late ‘60s, going so far as to cite Jim Morrison as an undercover agent, filming music history from the CIA’s secret movie studio nestled in Laurel Canyon. Whether or not you buy the Lizard King as a government agent, you’re probably wondering why the CIA would want to create the hippie subculture in the first place. One of the most popular theories is that the hippie movement could be used to discredit the anti-war movement as a drug-induced, ineffectual mess.

But a less popular theory finds its roots in a very real experiment conducted under the umbrella of the MKULTRA project. Operation Midnight Climax was the CIA’s attempts to gather information for MKULTRA by testing the effects of LSD on unwitting individuals. Prostitutes were instructed to slip LSD into their johns’ drinks. Meanwhile, CIA operatives working on the MKULTRA project observed from behind a two-way mirror. While Midnight Climax dealt with surveillance and sexual extortion, it also introduced the public to the CIA’s unethical distribution of LSD to unaware subjects.

Some conspiracy theorists believe experiments at the heart of the MKULTRA program were the catalyst for the hippie subculture with an aim to leave the anti-war youth drug-addled, compliant, and susceptible to brainwashing techniques. Others argue that the CIA simply lost control of their LSD supply, never suspecting that people would want to willingly take the drug.

Pop Stars Are MKULTRA Beta Kitten Marionettes


Most of the files on MKULTRA were said to have been destroyed by the CIA, so the full scope of the MKULTRA program remains unclear. However, drugs are purported to make up only a fraction of the focus of the program’s brainwashing techniques which also included electrical shock treatments, sleep deprivation, and various forms of torture. Those who believe MKULTRA still exists today in some form often cite mainstream mass media as blatant evidence of the program’s prevalence, specifically in the music industry.

Speculation ponders the possibility that pop stars such as Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, and Justin Bieber have been conditioned into a state of hypersexuality through MKULTRA brainwashing techniques called Monarch Mind Control. Monarch Mind Control utilizes a mixture of degradation, sexual abuse, and incest to break down a person, then rebuild them into a deluded zombie with no sexual inhibitions. Conspiracy theorists have coined the term “beta kitten” to describe the end result. The MKULTRA-controlled beta kitten uses a cocktail of drug use and over-the-top promiscuity to market to the masses, all while parading esoteric occult symbols. The use of the occult iconology would insinuate that MKULTRA-inspired brainwashing techniques are being used by a shadow organization such as the illuminati.

Mass Shootings Are Plotted Experiments Made Possible Through MKULTRA


While conspiracy theories about mass shootings have often been regarded as tasteless, a Manchurian Candidate-style use of knowledge gleaned from the MKULTRA program is feasible. One of the most baffling, terrifying, and lamented mass shootings in recent years involved former academic James Holmes opening fire in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Holmes could exemplify a simple case of a young man cracking under societal pressure. But the moment news hit of the Aurora shooting, conspiracy theorists were all over it. Some believed that the CIA had resurrected MKULTRA to use incidents like the Aurora shooting to push gun control. Others felt the insidious MKULTRA was being orchestrated to cause enough panic to lift restrictions on the CIA’s current practices.

While the facts surrounding Aurora may never be known to the general public, certain discrepancies were noted in the information surrounding Holmes. He was described by neuroscientist David Eagelman as a substandard academic despite coming highly recommended for his achievements and scholastic record. In addition, it has since come to light that Eagelman, who worked with Holmes at a summer camp at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, was of particular interest to Stewart Brand, a prominent researcher on the MKULTRA program.

It’s difficult to reconcile that our own government would develop and test a program as unethical and violating of fundamental human rights as MKULTRA. Perhaps this makes it easier to dismiss conspiracy theories of mass media brainwashing techniques and sexually abusive Monarch Mind Control as products of a paranoid, overactive imagination. If the practices of MKULTRA are still in effect, perhaps this skepticism offers their best defense. No one wants to live in a waking nightmare of mass media marketing, exploited pop stars, political power struggles, and bought revolutions.

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