Living Dinosaurs Reported in Eyewitness Accounts

Living Dinosaurs Reported in Eyewitness Accounts

Dinosaurs are the kind of mystifying creatures that captured the heart and imagination of many a child growing up (and many an adult too). These enormous, awe-inspiring, terrifying beings that once roamed our planet make us seem so small and vulnerable in comparison to their majesty and ferocity. Yet these creatures disappeared off the face of the earth 65 million years ago and we have no definite proof of how. If a world of seemingly invulnerable, gigantic, powerful beasts can be killed on a mass scale in a calamity, then the world is truly more mysterious than any of us can imagine. This brings us to the strangest question of all: did some of these prehistoric creatures survive and, if so, are they alive on earth today?

Accounts of Living Dinosaurs in Modern Times

There are many who would answer “yes” to these questions. No doubt crocodiles and sharks are some of the evidence that prehistoric creatures still survive in some form today but they are just the tip of the iceberg. The real juicy stories of living dinosaurs lie in the Congo and in Africa. There are tribespeople with no reason to lie who have reported witnessing a variety of beasts in the wild that resemble dinosaurs. Even without knowledge of what a dinosaur is, or any of the facts around their existence or lack thereof, these natives swear that the enormous beasts are roaming their backyards.

1. Mokèlé-mbèmbé


A few dinosaurs have been sighted in the Republic of Congo. The most famous of these is the Mokèlé-mbèmbé, a creature that witnesses say lives in the Congo River. It is described as having a large heavy body like an elephant with a very long neck and tail. It only eats vegetation but is extremely territorial and, for this reason, considered to be very dangerous.  Mokèlé-mbèmbé is even known to kill hippos that accidentally end up in the creature’s territory. Researchers believe the creatures described could be a relative of the Sauropod.

2. Mbielu-mbielu-mbielu


This creature, found in the Likouala Region of the Republic of Congo is described as a plant-eating creature that is long with big jagged planks along its head, spine and tail. Researchers believe this creature could be a relative of the Stegosaurus and some believe it may have even adapted to water, making lakes and rivers its home as well.

3. Nguma-monene


Another example of a living dinosaur found in the Congo, Nguma-monene is said to be 30 feet long and low to the ground with a ridge on its back. People believe it may be a kind of Spinosaurus.

4. Emela-ntouka


This creature is witnessed and described by Pygmy tribes in Central Africa, giving it a name that means “killer of elephants.” It is an aquatic, horned creature, around the size of a rhinoceros, although no known species of rhino are found in that region with only one horn. People believe this is a type of Ceratopsian dinosaur, related to the Triceratops.

5. Ngoubou


Another Ceratopsian dinosaur that is supposed to be a bit smaller than a rhino is seen in the savannah area of Cameroon. It doesn’t live in the water, unlike many other species of alleged dinosaur seen and is said to have many horns and frills around the neck. It has been reported as vicious, charging any creatures that comes near.

Deep in the untouched regions of the world, there may still be varieties of living dinosaurs roaming the earth. These are only a few of the many reported accounts.


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