Interdimensional Beings Are Pulling Your Creepy Conspiracy Theories Together

Interdimensional Beings Are Pulling Your Creepy Conspiracy Theories Together

When keeping a keen eye peeled for the modern boogie man, people are prone to look skyward for flying saucers as soon as they’re old enough to stop looking under the bed. But certain conspiracy theories posit that ghosts and green men aren’t coming from the stars or the grave but rather from another dimension.

Interdimensional beings have been getting a lot of attention in conspiracy theory circles with the flame fanned by a phone call made to radio host Art Bell’s popular Coast to Coast program in the late-90s. The caller claimed to be an ex-Area 51 employee and hysterically warned Bell about a misconception people had about extraterrestrials. According to the caller, these were actually “extra dimensional beings.” Shortly into the call, the station was knocked off the air in an unprecedented disturbance. A year later, Bell received a call from the same man admitting that the whole thing was a hoax. He was prompted to confess by anxiety over the station being pushed off the air, fearing it was legitimate government interference.

Is it possible that our government is aware of interdimensional beings or rifts in the walls of our own dimension? Unexplained paranormal stories from around the world involving lost time, missing travelers, and haunted places may actually point to the activities of interdimensional beings.

The Mother of All Paranormal Stories: Skinwalker Ranch


There are few paranormal spots in the world so rife with activity as the Bigelow Ranch in Utah’s Uintah Basin. Like an all-you-can-eat buffet of paranormal activity, Bigelow Ranch has featured zombified dire wolves, transdimensional mocking voices, terror-inducing orbs, cattle mutilation, mechanical subterranean noises, frequent Bigfoot and UFO sightings, and legends of a Native American curse resulting in the homestead being situated smack dab in the middle of “the path of the skinwalker.” This earned the area the creepy nickname “Skinwalker Ranch.” But where do the interdimensional beings fit in amongst accounts of spontaneously disappearing hyenas and nearly-invisible roaring assailants?


A popular theory tying together all of the bizarre incidents emanating from the Uintah Basin since the 1950s is that the region exists in an area where dimensional walls are thin. Perhaps the orbs, the beasts, and the alien voices are all the result of interference from interdimensional beings rather than supernatural shapeshifters or demonic spirits. A neighbor of the ranch confessed to his daughter on his deathbed that he felt there was a dimensional portal in a cliff face bordering the ranch, citing a time when an orb had expanded into a sphere of light from which a wolf stepped out. It’s also been theorized that surgically precise cattle mutilations (conducted within mere minutes of observation of the healthy cow) were made possible through abductions by interdimensional beings with a timelapse advantage.

By the late-90s, the ranch was acquired by multimillionaire Robert Bigelow, founder of Bigelow Aerospace. Bigelow installed a team, known as the National Institute for Discovery Science, to investigate the strange occurrences in the Uintah Basin. While books have been released detailing the inconclusive investigation, no official statements was ever released by Bigelow or his team. However, interviews with ex-members stationed at Skinwalker Ranch have alluded to theories of interdimensional beings interacting with scientists at the facility.

Timelapse Cave Systems in the Untersberg


Imposingly stood at the border of Switzerland and Germany, the Untersberg mountain became a point of fixation for Adolf Hitler. He believed so much that the mountain held the secret to Germany’s victory in World War II that he built a mansion on a neighboring mountain so he could observe its majesty through a telescope. A series of mysterious disappearances throughout history, along with some well-placed folklore, have shrouded the Untersberg in mystery.

Tales were passed down of dwarves with large gray heads and black ovals for eyes emerging from the mountain’s vast cave system to board vehicles that ascended into the heavens from the Untersberg’s summit. Modern conspiracy theories have painted these “dwarves” as interdimensional beings transcending time rifts in the cave systems. Stories of interdimensional beings are further propelled by tales of a supernatural king at the center of the mountain and his legion of tiny followers. To date, scientific expeditions into the cave system have been unable to reach the deepest point of the Untersberg.


Several hikers have disappeared into the Untersberg caves to never be seen again. But what’s more perplexing is those that are seen again. One account from medieval times details a wedding party that frolicked across the Untersberg. It’s said that the entire party of over 50 people never arrived at their destination…at least not in their lifetime. They returned home from what they assumed was a simple wedding jaunt to find an entire century had passed and they’d been forgotten in time. A more modern account tells of a trio who disappeared for 3 months after hiking the Untersberg. They’d already been presumed dead when they called family members from a boat bound for Egypt, unware that 3 months had lapsed and unable to explain how they’d arrived on the boat.

We Are the Interdimensional Beings on Bold Street


On Bold Street in Liverpool, we don’t need to worry about the interdimensional beings coming through the portal as much as we need to worry about slipping through the portal ourselves. It’s rumored that a timelapse dimensional rift exists in this busy shopping area. Those affected suddenly, though briefly, find themselves transported to the 1950s or 1960s, evidenced by the types of shops, automobiles, and fashions suddenly surrounding them. Some people are said to have slipped through time momentarily with other surrounding strangers. It’s unclear as to whether the shoppers in the earlier times notice people from modern times coming through as interdimensional beings as the timelapse apparently happens quite quickly.

Theories on interdimensional beings reach far and wide. A re-evaluation of early accounts in Ireland of the fae folk are being reclassified in some conspiracy circles as early evidence of encounters with interdimensional beings. One cult theory proposes that the creatures we know as “Bigfoot” are highly intelligent interdimensional beings. Some Bermuda Triangle theories indicate that travelers are simply being lost in a dimensional rift.  Is it more feasible that the encounters we’ve assumed were extraterrestrial in nature are actually extra dimensional? Only time will tell. And if you can’t wait, you can always take a hike through the caves of the Untersberg.

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