How to Make a Pipe from a Pen

How to Make a Pipe from a Pen

How to make an Emergency one-hitter pipe from a pen. (For legal and medical use only!) Due to the potential toxicity of smoking from a plastic pen, I recommend you use this method in emergency situations only, and toss after one use. Okay here are the steps:

1)DISASSEMBLE a straight pen. SAVE outer tube and metal tip. If your pen has a plastic tip, use a tip from a fancier pen (but use the tube from the straight pen. If all else fails, tin foil is safer than      plastic, but both are very toxic.

2) CUT slits into one end of the tube and INSERT the metal tip inverted. This will serve as the bowl.

3)PACK a small amount of herbs into the metal tip. LIGHT the herbs ONLY. If you heat the plastic that will be horrible for your tastebuds and your lungs. Don’t do it.

PUFF and  leave no evidence!


how to make a pipe from a pen - infographic




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