Hoia Baciu Forest Home to a Series of Bizarre, Unsettling Events

Hoia Baciu Forest Home to a Series of Bizarre, Unsettling Events

We all have a primal feeling of wonder and awe when visiting a deep and ancient forest. So much mystery lies within, between animal, insect and plant life, it can inspire a sense of peace and connection to nature that can restore the soul. Not every ancient forest has this effect, however, as is the case with the Hoia Baciu forest. This legendary place is located near Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  It is reported to be named after a shepherd who entered the forest and disappeared with his 200 sheep many years ago. The forest is known to be incredibly haunted, covering an area of over 250 hectares of ancient forest that has haunted locals for centuries. Those who have entered the forest have experienced intense headaches, random burns, nausea and vomiting. People commonly see shadow like figures following them, orbs of light, disembodied voices and many UFOs.

UFO Activity in the Hoia Baciu Forest Region

several UFO sightings in the Hoia Baciu Forest Region

A number of UFOs have been sighted in the Hoia Baciu forest region.

The place first gained notoriety during the late ‘60s when biologist Alexandru Sift was drawn to the area after hearing wild accounts from locals. Sift published his research on the forest and released astonishing photos of UFOs that he had taken while there. Amazingly enough, lights, objects and figures were found in his photos that were not visible to the human eye at the time. A man named Emil Barnea was camping in the woods in 1968 and had a strange encounter with a UFO. Barnea photographed the object and, to this day, it is still considered to be one of the clearest, most convincing photos ever taken of a UFO.

Another researcher, Adrian Four, was drawn to the forest so that he could investigate its paranormal activity. He published his findings in 1995. Four found “structures or shapes flying at ground level, visible or invisible to the naked eye, simple and colorful night lights, flying or stationary.” He discovered and measured radioactive emissions, magnetic anomalies, electromagnetic interference, microwave emissions and infrared emissions that were all found to be in the abnormal range.

The Patch Where Nothing Grows

Researchers over the years have put their attention towards an area in the forest that is 300 meters wide. Nothing grows in this area. Not a single living thing survives in this soil, not even a mushroom. Researchers have not been able to explain this phenomena as there is nothing in the soil that should prevent growth. The trees around it are twisted and so strong that not an axe or even torrential downpour can harm them. Apparitions of people surrounding the area have been photographed. These beings are often invisible to the human eye, yet they appear in photographs. The figures are rumored to be murdered peasants or guardian angels protecting the space.

A Myriad of Bizarre Accounts

twisted strong trees and a barren patch are hallmarks of hoia baciu forest

Twisted strong trees and a barren patch are hallmarks of the Hoia Baciu forest.

There is so much paranormal phenomena recorded and reported on this area that it is more than what could fill a book. The strange and haunted place is thought to be an interdimensional hotspot, a kind of portal between worlds. Countless strange encounters with lights, UFOs and poltergeist activity have been reported. People have been reported to disappear in the forest, including a 5-year-old girl who is said to have disappeared in the forest, only to be returned unaged 5 years later. Even such strange things as people remembering things from the past and then forgetting as they leave have been recounted.

The locals steer clear of the space and its ancient power which seems to be a wise idea. There is no answer to what haunts the Hoia Baciu forest and it seems that, at least for now, it will remain a mystery.

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