Haunted Hotels of America Offer Things That Go Bump in the Night

Haunted Hotels of America Offer Things That Go Bump in the Night

Haunted hotels have become a thing of nightmares with many a horror film centering on the concept. But beyond the celluloid world, real life events have happened in hotels across America that have left guests wondering whether they’re experiencing the real thing. These are a few of the most spine chilling hotels available to visit.

A Shining Example of Horror: The Stanley Hotel

haunted-hotels-of-america-stanley-hotel-shiningLocated in Estes Park, Colorado, the Stanley Hotel, was the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining which already alerts you to spooky nature of this resort. In 1911, Elizabeth Wilson, a chambermaid, was involved in an explosion in the Presidential Suite, Room 217, which is now divided into Room 217 and 215. During a thunderstorm there was a gas leak. The maid entered Room 217 and lit a candle at which point the room and 10 percent of the 70,000 square foot hotel was consumed in a fiery explosion. While people were told she survived the incident, many newspaper reports, including The Denver Times say that she was fatally injured. She is said to haunt the hotel now, often being seen lighting candles and showing up in guests’ beds.

Flora Stanley, wife of the hotel owner, is also said to haunt the hotel, often seen around the estate, in particular the billiards room and lobby. It is also rumored that the sounds of her plating piano can be heard throughout the corridors. The floor that used to belong to the staff is also highly active. Room 408 is often haunted by children. Heard playing and laughing, they often mess up this room. Room 418 has a high incident of paranormal activity. Generally speaking, the entire hotel is plagued by its haunted past with frequent accounts of objects moving, water faucets turning on and off and sounds of phantom children at play. One staff member even saw a dog-like creature staring at him through a mirror.

High Energy Water and High Frights: Crescent Hotel

haunted-hotels-of-america-the-crescentThis hotel, located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is said to be built over special, high energy water that makes for the ghostly energy found there. It was built in 1885 as a grand luxury hotel and since that time it has been a hotel, women’s college, hospital and health resort for many in need, including cancer patients who were brought there by Norman Baker to drink the “miracle water”. Baker is one of the ghosts often seen at the hotel. Michael, an Irish Stonesman, who fell to his death during the building of the hotel, is often seen haunting rooms 218, 202 and 424. A woman in Room 419 says she is a cancer patient, politely introducing herself to guests and staff. A bearded man knocks on doors, asking guests, “Are you waiting for me?” Countless guests report blankets and sheets being ripped off them in the night. A young lady carrying a child’s blanket and crying can be seen at night among countless more ghostly incidents, including butlers in the elevator and teens plunging to their death.

The Queen of Haunted Hotels is Actually a Boat: The Queen Mary Hotel

Fahaunted-hotels-of-america-queen-marymed for its spooky past, this ship that was turned into a hotel docked in Long Beach, California began as a passenger ship in 1936 and went on to become a war ship during World War II. It is known as one of the most haunted places in the world with over 150 known ghosts haunting the ship. Guests on the ship report rapping noises, objects moving, disembodied voices and apparitions. People have reported all kinds of paranormal activity including apparitions around the First Class Swimming Pool where two women died as well as a little girl named Jackie. A women dressed in white is often seen dancing in the corner of the Queen’s Salon, which was a first class lounge and children have been seen playing in the storage area. Phone calls with no one on the other end,
banging sounds in the night, lights flickering on and off, distant knocks, high pitched squeals, drastic temperature changes and strange smells from the past make this the scariest of the haunted hotels and a place of spine tingling terror. The ship hosts a haunted house every fall and has ghost tours throughout the year.

If you’re adventurous of mind, heart, and spirit, all of these haunted hotels still take reservations. They can be the perfect getaway for the seasoned ghost hunter or possibly just a way to turn the staunchest of skeptics into horrified believers.



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