Haunted History of the Roosevelt Hotel

Haunted History of the Roosevelt Hotel

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from TV shows like American Horror Story and movies like The Shining, it’s that hotels are a prime place for hauntings. One of the most glamorous places to haunt, however, would have to be the illustrious Roosevelt Hotel, located in the heart of Hollywood. Constructed by famous movie stars including Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford and movie mogul Louie B. Mayer, the Spanish style hotel with a haunted history was named after former president Teddy Roosevelt. The decadent Hollywood hotel became a favorite place for movie stars. In fact, Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift made the 300 room building their home during a time in their lives when they were on their way to great achievements. The place appears to have made an impression on them as they continue to inhabit the space all these years later.

The General Haunts of the Roosevelt

ghost of montgomery clift heard playing trumpet in roosevelt hollywood

The ghost of Montgomery Clift can be heard practicing trumpet in the Roosevelt Hotel.

The hotel is ripe with ghostly activity ignited by its haunted history: apparitions, disembodied voices, moving luggage, bathroom taps being turned on and off and even guests being locked out of their rooms. All of this ghostly activity and more have been reported to happen at the Roosevelt Hotel. A security guard at one time even reported an entity swimming outside of pool times, only to find that the being was not a physical person. Even with all this, there are a few ghosts that make the loudest impression.

The Musical Ghost of Montgomery Clift

Montgomery Clift, who stayed in room 928, is renowned for appearing in his room and pacing in the hallways, practicing lines. His trumpet can be heard and maids have felt his presence brush against them or walk beside them. One woman who stayed in his old room even felt him tap her on the shoulder in the night.

Marilyn in the Mirror

Marilyn Monroe is another guest who seems to continue to reappear, most significantly through the old mirror that was in her room. She stayed in room 1200 at the hotel for 2 years at the time when her modeling career was beginning to take off. Presumably, she would have used that mirror a lot. It has since been moved throughout the hotel, yet her apparition continues to be seen in its glass.

The Lost Child

apparition of marilyn monroe part of roosevelts haunted history

Marilyn Monroe’s apparition is said to appear in a specific mirror in Roosevelt Hollywood.

The entity of a 5-year-old girl named Caroline can be seen at the hotel, looking for her mom. She is found skipping around the lobby and other areas of the hotel, sometimes distressed over not finding her mom.

The Academy Awards in the Hotel’s Haunted History

Two academy awards dinners were hosted at the Roosevelt Hotel in a large dining hall known as the Blossom Ballroom. In this room, two ghosts are believed to haunt the space. One is believed to be a man who got nominated for an Oscar but didn’t win. The other is believed to be a man who continues to try and entertain the living in the ballroom. There is a cold spot in the room that is about 30 inches in diameter and about 10 degrees colder than the rest of the room.

The hotel’s haunted history has not scared guests away from staying in the iconic place. While nightly rates are reflective of a 5-star hotel experience it can be an attractive option for paranormal enthusiasts wanting to add a little something extra to a luxurious vacation.

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