Haunted Forest Gateways to Other Dimensions

Haunted Forest Gateways to Other Dimensions

We’ve all heard stories about the ghosts that live in the woods but not all hauntings are alike! These stories of haunted forest gateways to other worlds tell tales of UFO sightings, Bigfoot, strange troll creatures, disappearances, and ghosts.

Ballyboley Forest, Northern Ireland


A stone formation deep within Ballyboley Forest.

The haunted forest of Ballyboley is thought to contain a gateway to another dimension or what the Celtics call “The Otherworld”. Believed to be an old Druid site, there are stone formations, strange ground markings, and circular trenches. Reports of strange and unsettling sightings are given an added depth of terror by a series of disappearances that have happened in the forest, especially during the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries.

In 1994 a couple reported fleeing the forest after seeing a mass of black smoke and hearing screaming voices. In 1997, two men heard a loud flapping sound followed by the sound of a woman moaning in pain. They assumed someone was in trouble and followed the sound so they could help. They were led to a location where the trees were all covered in blood and as the moaning sounds came back, they fled in terror. One of the men, while running, looked back and saw four unmoving human figures in tan rags, covering the head as well, watching them despite no one being there only seconds before. Thanks to these stories (or warnings) and the pervading creepy vibe of the forest, people rarely, if ever, enter it today despite the fact that the council has turned it into a national park.

Freetown State Forest, Massachusetts, USA


An unknown artists’s rendition of a Pukwudgie said to stalk Freetown State Forest.

Freetown-Fall River State Park is a haunted forest that is actually part of a larger area known as the Bridgewater Triangle, similar to the Bermuda Triangle. It covers approximately 200 square miles in southeastern Massachusetts and is considered to be an interdimensional gateway. Freetown is the place that is considered to have the most paranormal activity within the Bridgewater Triangle.

A great variety of incredible things have been witnessed at this haunted forest, including ghosts and apparitions of both people and animals, Bigfoot, animal mutilations, troll-like creatures known as Pukwudgies, glowing orbs and lights, shadow people, UFO sightings, and military activities. Sounds of screaming, groaning, and laughter have been heard throughout the forest. Several murders, crimes, and satanic rituals have been known to have happened in the forest. One famous case revolves around a pimp, Carl H. Drew, who was killing prostitutes. He was said to be the leader of a Satanic cult and the killings had been human sacrifices. One of the victims, Karen Marsden, was found in the forest.


Pimp, satanist, and convicted murderer Carl H. Drew performed at least one sacrifice in the forest.

Freetown was bought from the Wampanoag Tribe in 1659 and became a town in 1683. It was considered to be an extremely sacred area to the Native American tribe and they most likely did not approve this “sale” leaving many wondering if this is why the land seems cursed. There are also several Native American burial grounds supporting the theory that it is a haunted forest.

The type of paranormal activity at Freetown extends far beyond hauntings and curses though and is much more fitting to the idea of this area being an interdimensional “hot spot” or gateway.

Hoia Baciu, Romania

Hoia Baciu, a haunted forest in Romania, is considered to be the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania. It is thought to be one of the most haunted places in the world. Although locals have always avoided the forest, believing it to be cursed, evil, and a taboo subject for discussion, this forest’s fame as a haunted location came about in 1968 when biologist Alexandru Sift took a photo of a disc-shaped UFO flying over it.

People are warned that if they enter this haunted forest they may not return. Researchers claim that unexplained lights and luminescent orbs can be seen throughout the forest and if you spend too much time beneath its canopies, you may begin to experience unpleasant symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, excessive thirst, nausea, vomiting, headaches, unexplained rashes, burns and dizziness.


The twisted trees of Hoia Baciu.

There is a local account that reports that a shepherd entered the forest with 200 sheep and he and the flock disappeared without a trace. There is another account of a woman who went into the forest, reemerged with no idea how much time had passed and with an ancient historical object in her pocket. People have also reported “dead vegetation zones”, spirits, extraterrestrials, and interdimensional beings and experiences. As if that weren’t enough to give this creepy forest its reputation, people have also photographed UFOs and reported strange voices and eerie footsteps. Multiple incidents of time shifts have also been credited to the mysterious forest.

Odd video footage features in an episode of the SyFy channel show Destination Truth in which the crew visited the forest. One of the crew members hears women’s voices behind him and then he vanishes in a flash. He is later found lying several feet from where he had been standing, in shock, with claw-like marks on his arms which had been sleeved. He claims to have felt like a wind blew him. When the footage is slowed down frame by frame, it shows the man being blown with his arms up, out, and behind him, like he’d been hit by an invisible force.

Researchers claim that the forest is a portal to another dimension or spirit world. This might explain why many claim that the trees here are more crooked and warped.

As you can see not every haunted forest is the same. While some may hold the energy of the spirits of old villages, docks, ships, or murders, these hold up a much more bizarre picture of alien life, strange otherworldly beings, and alternate dimensions.


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