Haunted Dolls and Their Eerie Stories

Haunted Dolls and Their Eerie Stories

We’ve all seen horror films and episodes of TV shows about haunted dolls that come to life to destroy nearly anything and everything that comes up against them. Terrifying as the thought might seem, we’ve comforted ourselves with the idea that it’s all make believe and nothing like that can ever happen in real life. But as it turns out, we might have been wrong. There are cultures that believe that dolls can be animated by spirits. In the case of voodoo, the doll is usually used as a proxy for sending healing to a person that needs it. Unfortunately, dolls are not always used to send healing. They are sometimes used to send curses. And then there are the dolls that appear to be possessed by spirits, some through no perceived human will. These are just a few of the chilling cases involving haunted dolls.

1. Mandy: The Sleepwalker

mandy is one of the famous haunted dolls you can still see on display

This 20th century porcelain doll was donated to British Columbia’s Quesnel and District Museum in 1991 by a terrified anonymous donor who heard the doll crying at night. Since then, museum staff have been witness to a host of terrifying activity. She is locked in her own private glass case since when she is put with other dolls they tend to get knocked over or damaged in some way. Tiny footsteps can be heard from where she resides and people claim that their belongings get moved around the building when they visit her. She has even been reported to make the cameras malfunction for many who would try and take her picture.

2. Robert: The King of the Haunted Dolls

robert is perhaps one of the best known haunted dolls inspiring chucky

This doll was the primary inspiration for the villainous doll Chucky from the film Child’s Play so, right out the gate, you know this is going to be disturbing. Firstly, this doll was a present from an unhappy servant who practiced black magic. It was given to artist Robert Eugene Otto in 1906 who, at the time, just went by the name “Gene.” This doll is considered to be one of the most haunted items in the world. Growing up, Gene’s parents heard him talking to the doll but assumed that Gene must have been talking to himself in different voices. Then, the family saw the doll running from room to room and heard him giggling in a menacing way. The furniture in the family home would be knocked over and Gene would be terrified in his bed claiming that Robert did it. People have seen the doll’s expression change as well as seen him blink. The doll was left in the attic and eventually a 10-year-old-girl became its new owner. Even 30 years later, she claims that the doll was alive and wanted to kill her.

3. Annabelle: A Possessed Raggedy-Ann

annabelle the possessed raggedy ann doll

Annabelle was given to a girl named Donna by her mother in 1970. Both Donna and her roommate noticed that the doll would move positions as well as move around the house. They started finding notes on parchment paper (even though there was no parchment paper in the house) that read alarming statements like “Help me.” A medium informed them that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl who was buried under the apartment. The doll was found with red stuff coming out of her hands and one of their friend’s even recalled the doll trying to strangle him once. On another occasion, when he went to pick up the doll, he was struck with pain in his chest. His shirt had blood on it and 7 distinct claw marks were found on his chest. 3 were vertical and 4 were horizontal. The marks were healed within 2 days. The doll now resides in a glass case in The Warren’s Occult Museum.

In several ways, the grotesque reports of these haunted dolls animating is far more disturbing than they’re murderous silver screen representations. There are other reports of ghostly dolls in the media, including a painting of a child with a doll claimed to be the most haunted painting in the world. Of course, many will rationalize that a possessed doll is the stuff of fairy tales. Honestly, we don’t want to get close enough to find out.

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