Flying Saucers Are Just the Beginning: 10 Types of UFOs

Flying Saucers Are Just the Beginning: 10 Types of UFOs

In 1947, while flying over the Cascade Mountains in the state of Washington, private pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing over 25 flying discs within 400 yards of his plane. He reported his sighting to the U.S. government and thus the term “flying saucers” entered our lexicon. However, more detailed reports revealed that what he actually saw were crescent shaped discs, like flat half-moons, flying around him. Since then, thousands more have reported seeing a variety of UFOs in the sky. Below, we explore 10 of the most commonly reported crafts:

1. Blinding Light


This type of UFO is distinguished by a bright light, often orange in color, seen moving in a very deliberate pattern across the night sky. The shape of the craft is not visible through the light.

2. Triangle


This is a metallic UFO with a shiny surface. The triangle-shaped ships are universally agreed to be enormous with no discernible windows or portholes. Belgium is the only country to officially recognize the existence of flying saucers due to over 70% of their population seeing these particular crafts from 1989-1990 when a wave of them were sighted.

3. Boomerang


The boomerang craft is similar in design to the triangle craft except that one arm of the boomerang is longer than the other. A series of boomerang ships were videotaped and photographed by thousands of people in Phoenix, Arizona in March and April of 1997.

4. Oval


Accounts of oval-shaped UFOs paint these ships as very large; possibly up to 200 feet in length. They are said to glow in the dark slightly though they don’t seem to have any windows or portholes.

5. Spinning Top


Shaped like a kid’s toy, this ship is grey, round, and tapered at the top and bottom. It’s surrounded by multicolored lights, has strong jets around the middle, and is able to move in any direction. Round portholes are a hallmark of the spinning top model.

6. Circular


Often reported to be seen by military and airline pilots between 20,000 and 40,000 feet high, circular ships are said to be ringed with red or green lights. Known to be extremely fast, they are estimated to go more than 2,500 miles per hour. The average circular UFO models are reported to be approximately 15-20 feet wide and 2-3 feet high.

7. Cigar


Approximated to be about 80 feet long and 20 feet high, this craft is black and tapered at the front and back, like a football. Smaller UFOs have been spotted coming in and out of cigar-shaped crafts which has led to them being regarded as “mother ships”.

8. Cylinder


These are similar to the cigar shaped ships except they are not tapered at the ends, rather they are like 70-story buildings laid on their sides. They are estimated at over 1000 feet in length.

9. Conical


Estimated to be about 20 feet wide and 10-12 feet high, conical UFOs have flat bottoms and cone-like pyramid shapes on top, similar to a Chinese peasant’s straw hat. They feature no discernible lights.

10. Flying Saucers


These are the classic saucer shaped craft crowned with clear domes at their middle and reported to be between 10 – 15 feet in diameter. These are often further characterized by a metallic color with bright lights at the periphery and an exhaust port on the bottom that emits a yellow light upon take off. The dome can be rounded or cubical. It’s popularly hypothesized that flying saucers act as scout ships and short range research vessels.

As you can see, we are dealing with a whole variety of possibilities when it comes to the origins of these crafts. There may be various intergalactic species making contact while some of the crafts may actually belong to the military. A lot is still unknown. Although the thought of alien contact may terrify most people, many have seen these crafts for years and yet there have been no intergalactic attacks made on humanity of which we are aware. Maybe these crafts belong to friends and allies after all. It’s worth contemplating.


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  1. Gil Carlson

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