Doppelgängers May Be Time Travelling Ghosts of Ourselves

Doppelgängers May Be Time Travelling Ghosts of Ourselves

Doppelgängers are an age old mystery, often filled with a sense of dread. The word is German for “double walker” and refers to a kind of darker shadow version of a person. Doppelgängers are an exact double of a person, a kind of ghostly version that often appears and is taken as a bad omen and a portent of death. Such an apparition may sound farfetched but some of the most influential people in history have claimed to see their doppelgänger and, in some cases, it has indeed been the herald of their death as is the case with Catherine the Great and Queen Elizabeth I. Even Abraham Lincoln and his wife claimed to see his doppelgänger in a mirror on more than one occasion. Many of the appearances of doppelgängers are mysterious and remain unexplained.

The Doppelgänger of Guy de Maupassant

was french writer guy de maupassant driven mad by doppelgangers

Was French writer Guy de Maupassant driven mad by his doppelgänger?

French writer Guy de Maupassant had ongoing incidents with his doppelgänger. In fact, his doppelgänger once appeared to him and dictated a story which Maupassant wrote down. The story was about a man who goes crazy after seeing his doppelgänger. In a twist of events, this is exactly what happened to Maupassant. He attempted suicide and was put in a mental asylum where he died one year later.

A Doppelgänger Seen by Multiple Witnesses

The story of Emilie Sagée is especially strange and disturbing. The 32-year-old French woman was a teacher at Pensionat von Neuwelcke, an exclusive girls’ school near Wolmar in what is now Latvia. In 1845, while she wrote on her blackboard, her exact double appeared beside her, mimicking every one of her movements. The event was witnessed by 13 students. On another occasion, her doppelgänger was seen by 42 students. Sagée was seen out the window of a classroom in the garden. The teacher in the room left to talk to the headmistress and Sagée appeared in her chair while still being seen in the garden working. Two girls tried to touch the apparition but felt resistance in the air around the image. Sagée’s doppelgänger was seen several times.

The Tragic Mystery of Thomas Meehan

doppelgangers were witnessed around Emilie Sagee on numerous occasions

Doppelgängers were witnessed around Emilie Sagée on numerous occasions.

A more recent incident is strange and disturbing. On February 1, 1963, Judge Thomas Meehan was driving home to his wife and four children. About four hours from home, he called his wife and said he didn’t feel well. She told him to stop, rest and drive home the next day. About half an hour later, at 6:30PM, two witnesses saw his new Chevrolet convertible veer off Highway 101 into the brush of Eel River, his car totally destroyed. At that same time, Meehan was seen in the Emergency room of a hospital in Garberville where he asked a nurse “Do I look dead to you?” Later that night at 8PM, he went to a Forty Winks Motel in Redway, miles from the accident and the hospital he’d been seen at earlier and chatted to the motel manager at length. The manager said his shoes made squishing sounds as though they were wet and Meehan asked him “Do I seem dead to you? I feel like I’m dead.” Later that night, a switchboard operator visited Meehan’s room to inform him that he couldn’t get a call out to his wife. He said that Meehan did not check in with luggage but was now wearing different clothes. A formal black suit, white shirt and black tie. He never checked out of the motel. 19 days later, his dead body was found, drowned in Eel River near his car accident.

What do these incidents mean? Are doppelgängers just people out of time? The answer remains a mystery.

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