Death of Elisa Lam Sparks Theories on Invisible Assassins and Dimensional Rifts

Death of Elisa Lam Sparks Theories on Invisible Assassins and Dimensional Rifts

The mysterious death of Elisa Lam in February of 2013, was the cause of much shock and upset in Los Angeles that year. The Canadian 21-year-old had been staying at the Cecil Hotel in downtown LA when she suddenly went missing. Two weeks later, guests complained about a bad taste in the water. Upon investigation, Elisa Lam was found naked and dead inside the covered rooftop water tank. The official report states that she drowned accidentally due to her bipolar disorder although no drugs or alcohol were found in her system and it’s unclear how she was even able to get onto the roof, let alone why she would get into the water tank for a swim.

The Infamous CCTV Footage

While her death seemed like a very strange mystery as it was, things got a lot stranger when CCTV footage of Elisa Lam was leaked. The footage shows her acting in an extremely bizarre manner…some might even say unsettling. She hides in the elevator, presses all the buttons and then peeks around the corner, talking to someone who can’t be seen from the camera angle and acting very erratically. She then leaves the elevator and it closes behind her. The deeply eerie footage has sparked many discussions across the internet, with various theories thrown around.

Signs Pointing to Homicide


The Cecil Hotel has been the site of tragedy and horror for decades.

The idea that she was murdered is backed by a few interesting facts. The biggest sign pointing to murder is that all doors and stairs leading to the roof are locked and also have alarms, with only staff members having keys and passcodes. Another factor is that the water tanks are very tall and a ladder is needed to get to the top. The lids are also very heavy and would be really difficult to replace from inside the tank. Elisa had mentioned there were “creepers” in the hotel, which may have indicated that someone was following her. Her blog was also updated after her death but this could have been due to a calendar posting option, which allows you to set an automatic post in advance. Her phone was never found though, so it also could have been a thief or her killer.

Paranormal Theories Surrounding the Death of Elisa Lam


A strange ritual for using elevators to access other dimensions parallels Elisa Lam’s bizarre behavior in the CCTV footage.

Paranormal explanations have been thrown around as well. The Cecil Hotel, now renamed ‘Stay On Main’ has been open since the 1920s and since then there have been many unsolved murders and suicides that have occurred there. The building even housed the famous serial killer, Richard Ramirez, during the 1980s. Many people have claimed to have been choked by thin air in the hotel and a woman was even choked to death with her murderer remaining a mystery. Some believe a paranormal entity compelled Elisa Lam to kill herself. The strangest paranormal theory is that she was playing something called the elevator game. Basically, the game involves using an elevator to go to different levels of a 10 story building in a specific sequence that eventually leads to an alternate dimension. The ritual is supposed to manifest an inhuman girl but the way back from the other world is described as harrowing and disorienting. People propose that this is why she entered the water tank.

Further Bizarre Details


We may never know what really happened to Elisa Lam in this world but we wish her safe travels in the next.

The strangest theory of all is that something called ‘the Invisible Light Agency’, a place that doesn’t exist in any physical location but appears on google maps, assassinated Elisa Lam for getting too close to discovering military cloaking devices. This comes from the fact that she allegedly shared posts on Facebook and Twitter with links to articles about military cloaking technology. Now those posts are gone. This theory proposes that the unfortunate young woman is seen in the CCTV footage desperately trying to out-maneuver an invisible assassin. One last bizarre fact to consider is that after Elisa’s body was found, an outbreak of tuberculosis occurred in Skid Row, which was very close to the Cecil Hotel. The tuberculosis test kit administered to the population was labelled LAM-ELIZA.

The official report says that she most likely had a psychotic episode that induced powerful hallucinations, ultimately leading her to her commit suicide in the water tank. We may never know what really happened to Elisa Lam. The mystery continues far beyond her death with the questions echoing far louder than the few answers.

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