Darth Vapor’s Top 5 Places to Use a Vape Pen (In Public)

Darth Vapor’s Top 5 Places to Use a Vape Pen (In Public)

Ever since the Jedi “High” Council decided to ban smoking throughout the galaxy, cannabis users such as myself and others of the Dark-side have had to resort to desperate means in order to get our THC fix. With the onset of new vaping devices that have been sweeping the galaxy in droves, I’ve taken it upon myself to inform Smoke Jedi of the most discreet ways of vaping in public, without experiencing the annoyance of public authorities. With the simple use of a vape pen and a smoke buddy, you can enjoy your marijuana secretively, without the fear of getting caught by the Corrupt Senate!

Items needed for your conquest:
  • vape pen
  • smoke buddy (device to blow vapor in so you don’t smell like weed)
  • a fearless heart of darkness


The Movie Theater 

Nothing gets under the skin of the Jedi Council more than blazing your vape pen in the back of a movie theater. Picking out a suitable spot in the back of a movie theater to get in a few tokes while getting ready to watch the Force Awakens, can be a liberating experience for those of us not enthralled by movie ads. If you’re sitting in the back row, and you can hold your vapor in for while, nobody will ever know, especially with your smoke buddy.


At A Restaurant

Nobody likes to wait for their food. Stepping outside and taking a few rips from your vape pen while waiting for your food can be a sensible way to increase your appetite before your meal, as well as kill some time. Sure, you might get the awkward stare from people who want to enjoy their meal outside without the smell of weed mist clogging the air ways, but that’s what your smoke buddy’s for.


At the DMV

Waiting in line at the DMV is almost equivalent to getting a root canal or tooth pulled, or both at the same time. Whether signing up for a new license so that you can operate your Star-Cruiser, or getting registration handled, everyone hates the hassle of waiting in-line for something that should be done on-line. Nothing can take the edge off more than ripping your vape pen while waiting for number B420 and blowing it clandestinely in your smoke buddy.


At a Strip Club

Getting your blaze on at a strip club may be one way to enhance your experience, especially if the strippers look like Jabba the Hut. Sneaking a few rips in the corner of the club can be one way to deal with the headache of being asked for a lap dance every 2 minutes from a stripper with bad breath and gluttonous love handles.


In A Church

Nothing can boost your street cred faster amongst Confederate Separatists then lighting up your vape pen in the Holy of Holies. Just don’t tell the man upstairs that we suggested this as an option. Think about it, what could be better than getting high, with the Most High.


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