Cryptids of California Have Been Spotted for Decades

Cryptids of California Have Been Spotted for Decades

Usually when I think about cryptids, I imagine insect creatures like the Mothman roaming around some remote forest on the east coast of the country, trying to stay hidden. As a California resident, I have never really thought about how many creatures could be in my own backyard. As it turns out, there are quite a lot! For one thing, Northern California is famous for Bigfoot sightings and there are plenty of old forests for hiding. There are also reports of lake monsters and giant salamanders as well as dozens more; too many to mention so I’ve highlighted some favorites.

1. Ghost Deer: Paranormal Cryptid of Mount Eddy

california cryptids include ghost deer of mount eddy

Californian deer tend to be relatively small to average in size. The Ghost deer however, is something else entirely. It’s a buck that looks more like a big elk with huge 10-12 point antlers. Many hunters try to catch this elusive, enormous deer that is usually found in the canyons of Mount Eddy in Northern California. The hunters estimate that the prey is approximately 240 to 250 pounds although this estimation is compromised by the fact that most people have come to believe that this creature is, in fact, a ghost. According to the stories, bullets fly right through it. It also seems to randomly appear and disappear. Hunters who have tracked its prints have suddenly found them to disappear entirely out of nowhere.

2. Tahoe Tessie: California’s Take on Aquatic Cryptids

tahoe tessie california version of aquatic cryptids

Lake Tahoe crosses through California and Nevada and is considered to be North America’s biggest alpine lake. For over a hundred years, people from the Washoe and Paiute tribes have reported that there is a creature in the lake that lives in an underwater tunnel under Cave Rock. Since then, many more people have seen the creature which is described as being 10 to 80 feet long. It’s described as looking very thick (“as wide as a barrel”) and snake-like or reptilian, with smooth black or turquoise skin. The creature has made several appearances over the years, including making its presence known to both fishermen and police officers.

3. California Bigfoot: Northern California Nuisance?

bigfoot believed to inhabit northern california

It would be strange not to mention this famous creature, whose reputation precedes itself. There are so many claims by dozens of people who have reported to have seen Bigfoot. One photographer was actually even able to capture video footage of the creature near Roseville, California. Another man from Salinas, California insists that there are a group of Bigfoots messing with his property, going for his cat, throwing rocks, growling and generally being a nuisance. He even goes so far as to claim that they have left huge beds around his property.

As you can see, these particular cryptids have been spotted several times, by many different people over a long period of time. Unlike some of the other sightings, these three particular California cryptids are commonly spotted and the people who have seen these creatures have described them in the same way. From tribe members, to police officers, farmers and hunters, all have reportedly witnessed these creatures and reported their experiences to the world. I, for one, will definitely keep my eyes open for these creatures the next time I’m out in the California wilderness.


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