CIA Agent Discloses Government UFO Secrets

CIA Agent Discloses Government UFO Secrets

A former CIA Agent discloses UFO government secrets! A video testimony by a former CIA official who asks to stay unnamed, shows a man in his late 70s disclosing sensitive information of his chronicles to the army, under the Eisenhower administration. The video interview was conducted by famous UFO historian and author, Richard Dolan.

In this video, a CIA veteran who is reportedly in the final stages of a fatal kidney failure decides to disclose some highly-confidential information that he felt that he should share with the world before he ceases being a part of it. He feels that the information is too important for him to take to the grave, without letting the world know about his experiences.

In his testimony, the unnamed man, who claims to have worked on the USAF’s “Blue Book” project, has made some eyebrow raising allegations that he and his superior were assigned the task of being posted within the highly-controversial and secretive military base known as Area 51. This assignment was given to the operative after an alleged threat of an alien invasion.

Area 51 on the map again

Once inside the high-tech facility, the anonymous man goes on to describe seeing numerous “alien” spacecraft and other equipment. He even goes on to state that the craft that was involved in the highly publicized Roswell crash at New Mexico, was being stored at the facility. He also alleges that after seeing all these phenomena, he was taken to a facility on the southwest of Area 51, where he observed living extraterrestrials.


Now, more often than not, many random people have laid claim to having seen and even being abducted by aliens, and have undergone events such as torture, probing and in some cases, even sexual contact with such beings. However, the uniqueness of this particular testimony invokes the long debated question about and the irrefutable fact of whether we are alone in the universe or not. The problem however, has always been about the credibility of such confessions, interviews, or testimonies.

Nothing to gain


ufo gifNow, the fact that a dying man in his late 70s decides to leave the world behind with one big lie or elaborate hoax is pretty unlikely as it would ultimately become his legacy. So, there is really nothing that he can gain from divulging such information. Another fact that adds to the credibility of this testimony is that it was presented by Richard Dolan, who is a respected and well-known academic who has had a hand in exposing numerous UFO related cases. The big question then – are ‘aliens’ watching us?

If they are here, they must be pretty patient and not have too much to say.


Now check out this this alien footage, supposedly filmed by the KGB in the 1940’s. Kinda makes the hairs on my neck stand up, if you know what I mean.

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