Ancient Giants Were Real According to Strange Evidence

Ancient Giants Were Real According to Strange Evidence

One day, life seems so simple. The next, bones of ancient giants are discovered through Central and South America, totally throwing a wrench in the gears. There has been talk of the Nephilim, an ancient race of giants or angels, by various cultures for thousands of years. The Bible refers to the Nephilim in Genesis. Some have interpreted these references to the Nephilim as describing a race of heavenly beings that came to earth and mated with women. At any rate, until recently this was all talk with no evidence. Now excavators have unearthed the bones of real giants and strange human-like creatures who are not exactly human. Could the Nephilim skeletons point us to a different past than what we previously believed?

Peruvian Elongated Skulls and the Nephilim


Are the controversial Paracas skulls proof of giants in the ancient world?

In 1928, in Parcasas, a desert peninsula in the Incan Pisco Province of Peru, an archaeologist named Julio Tello discovered a graveyard. Within the graveyard were the tombs of over 300 very strange looking beings with elongated skulls, dating back 3,000 years. The cranial volume of these skulls was measured as approximately 25% bigger and 60% heavier than regular human skulls which means there is no way the skulls are shaped differently due to head binding or “cradle-boarding”. The cause of the oddly shaped skulls remains completely unknown.

Recently, researcher Brien Foerster, who has been initiating interest in the skulls again, had the skulls examined by a geneticist who was not given any information about the skulls or the location from whence they came. The discovery was quite remarkable. The geneticist has said that while much more study is needed, the test results indicate that this is a new human-like creature, distant from homosapiens, Neanderthals, and Denisovans.


The Choctaw spoke of a pale race of giants that stalked the land of what is now Tennessee.

What does this mean? Could the ancient giants be the Nephilim? A lot is still uncertain but clearly a different human-like race existed in this region many years ago. This knowledge begs several question; where did they come from? And where did they go? With so many tales of heavenly races and visits from sky people, could it be possible these are the skulls of ancient aliens?

The Pale Ancient Giants of Tennessee

Many Native American cultures have spoken about ancient races of giants. The Choctaws and Chickasaw specifically spoke at great length and detail about ancient giants in Tennessee. The Choctaws are particularly known for their tales of fair skinned giants that used to inhabit Tennessee. But the stories have gained notable support from the many bones of giants that have been found in Tennessee over the last couple of hundred years. Two of the most notable accounts took place in the 1870s when a giant skeleton was found sitting upright near Newport and then 4 years later when F.C. Stevenson found a large skeleton in a mound in Memphis.

An Underground City for Giants in Arizona


Real giant mummies were discovered in a subterranean city near the Grand Canyon. (photo: Jack Andrews)

An article published in the Arizona Gazette in 1909 talks about explorer G.E. Kinkaid who discovered an underground city near the Grand Canyon. The explorer found the entrance to a deep underground tunnel with its entrance crossing into restricted government property. Complex architecture was found within along with an ancient statue of a Buddha-like man sitting cross-legged with a lotus in each hand. Deeper within the caves, catacombs were found along with mummified corpses of humanoid beings who were over 9 feet tall.

Many questions go unanswered when discoveries like this are made with perhaps chief among them: Are these ancient giants the Nephilim? We are forced to look into the mysterious and recognize that no matter how much we think we know about the world, the universe, and our history on this planet, there is still so much that is unexplained.


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