Alternate Universe at Center of Spanish Woman’s Mysterious Story

Alternate Universe at Center of Spanish Woman’s Mysterious Story

For as advanced as we are on a technological level, we are still in an age of scientific infancy where we are only just beginning to grasp the way our universe works. As a result, there are many unexplained phenomena that occur for which we have absolutely no explanation. One of those instances occurred for a woman in Spain. On July 16th, 2008, Lerina Garcia Gordo woke up to find a slightly different world than the one she closed her eyes on as she fell asleep. While the world appeared to be the same, there were some unusual and significant differences in her life. She appeared to be in an alternate universe.

First Signs That Something Wasn’t Right

bed sheets changing color first sign of alternate universe

Lerina was startled upon waking to discover her bed sheets were a different color. 

The first thing she noticed were that her sheets were a different color. While this may be somewhat disturbing, she decided to shrug it off and go to work. Upon arriving to work, a place that she had been at for 20 years, she found that there was a different name on her office. Panicking, she checked the floor, which turned out to be the correct one. She logged into the building’s wireless network and found that she still worked there but worked in a completely different department under a supervisor she had never met. The news was astounding and deeply disturbing so she called in sick to work and went straight to the doctor’s office. She was found to be in perfect health. A drug test cleared her of any illicit substances.

Suspicions of an Alternate Universe

She checked her ID, her banking statements and personal records and found that they all reflected the correct information. She thought she may have lost time or have amnesia but the news headlines were all the same as she had remembered from the night before. In great distress, she went online and commented in a section on a Spanish site called Tendencias21, stating; “Hello, my name is Luz, I have 41 years and I think I jumped into a parallel universe. I find it hard to tell because everyone will think I’m a psychotic and no one will believe me. Please, if anyone has had a similar experience to write me an email.”

The Missing Boyfriend

hired detective could not find lerina garcia's missing boyfriend

A hired detective could not find Lerina’s missing boyfriend or any proof of his existence.

The alternate universe had some significant differences beyond her working situation. The most disturbing part of her story is that she seemed to lose her boyfriend. She stated that she had broken up with her boyfriend of 7 years just 6 months prior. Since then, she had begun dating a new person who lived in her neighborhood for 4 months. She stated that he had a child and was studying and she knew him well. When she went to call him however, someone else picked up stating that they had never heard of him. She even hired a private investigator to track him down and was told that neither he nor his records could be found. It was as though he never existed. Furthermore, she was still in a relationship with her ex.

Lerina saw a psychiatrist who diagnosed her as being of sound body and mind. They suggested that perhaps stress had caused her to imagine this reality. This was not an acceptable explanation for Lerina and we don’t know if she has ever received an adequate one. Was this the case of someone slipping in from an alternate universe? We may never know for sure.

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