Alien Races Rumored to Share Our Universe

Alien Races Rumored to Share Our Universe
Over the years, many people have reported contact or visitation from alien races. Contact in this instance can come in a variety of ways including physical though some contact has been derived through the spiritual means of ‘channeling’; a process that involves achieving a trance state in order to access multi-dimensional consciousness. Further collected information regarding alien species comes from history and the interpretation of ancient artifacts, historical accounts of contact and ancient drawings or text.  All of these reports indicate that it’s not a singular species of whom we should be aware but rather an entire host of alien races. Today we examine some of the more commonly talked about races including information about these species derived from a variety of sources.

Grays or Zeta Reticulans: The Most Common of the Alien Races

alien-races-grays-zeta-reticulansAmong the most frequently reported aliens, Zeta Reticulans (more commonly referred to as “Grays” or “Greys”) are considered to be responsible for alien abduction. Theories claim a party of Grays crashed to Earth and made a deal with the U.S. government to exchange their technological advancement for the opportunity to experiment on humans. The intention of the Grays is unclear as some report that they are cruel, cold, vicious beings who want to take over the world while others claim that they are kind and using hybrid technology to advance human evolution. The appearance of the Grays as we know them (short thin beings with large heads, black bulbous eyes, no nose and green or gray skin) only gained popularity in the last 100 years. For some, this indicates that their presence and interference is a relatively recent phenomenon.

Sirians: Merpeople from Outer Space

alien-races-sirians-dog-starThe Sirians are thought to be multi-dimensional beings from the Sirius Star System, also known as the Dog Star and the brightest star in Earth’s sky. Referred to as an ancient benevolent race that guided humanity, the Sirians are associated with many ancient Egyptian myths; in particular, the myth of Isis, who is thought to be Sirian. They are often described as smaller than the Lyran and Pleiadian races with darker features. Sirians are said to have a great love and passion for serving mankind and are considered ‘spiritual warriors’ of higher frequencies. Some theories indicate that the Sirians are aquatic beings, often associated with dolphins and whales. Such theories, posited by the ancient Dogon tribe who believe that they were visited and educated by Sirians in ancient times, describe them as watery humanoids akin to mermen or mermaids. There were many ceremonies in ancient cultures such as Egyptian, African and Greek civilizations that honored Sirius and the Sirian Star People. Sirians are also believed to be incarnated as humans  on Earth as well as dolphins and whales. Cats, dogs and serpents have also been associated to Sirius throughout history.

Pleiadians: Nordic Spirit Guides from the Stars

alien-races-pleiadians-nordicThe Pleiadians are thought to be multi-dimensional beings from Erra, a planet in the star system of Pleiades. They have been said to be in contact with Earth to assist with spiritual transformation and the raising of Earth consciousness. Compared to many of the other alien races, Pleiadians are described as humanoid in appearance though slightly taller than most humans. Some accounts have even described them as Nordic in appearance. They are considered to be silent watchers of Earth, assisting and guiding in humanity’s evolution. Some theories describe Pleiadians incarnating onto Earth to better facilitate this process. Billy Meier was the first person to report direct visitation from the Pleiadians and he described conversations held with female Pleiadians. He also provided well-known and publicized photos of their spacecrafts; evidence he said that the Pleiadians allowed him to take as proof.

Reptilians/Draconians: Technological Overlords or Misunderstood Extraterrestrials

alien-races-draconians-reptilian-reptoidThe Reptilians are thought to be a highly advanced civilization of humanoid reptiles generally described as ranging from about 4 to 12 feet tall, with scaly skin and large yellow eyes. Many believe that they were one of the first inhabitants of Earth, engineering not only technological development but mankind itself. A theory alleges that the Draconian home is in trouble driving them to reclaim the Earth with the assistance of the Grays. The perceived threat from the Reptilians derives from their presumed superiority in attitude, no doubt inspired by their technological advances. While these theories presume that humans are nothing but cattle to the Reptilians, such claims have yet to produce substantial evidence.

Lyrans: Fair Giants from the Lyra Constellation

alien-races-lyrans-lyra-vegaThe Lyrans are thought to be the oldest humanoids; distant ancestors of the Pleiadians and Sirians. Believed to be instrumental in molding humankind and human progress, the Lyrans have been described as peaceful but also dogmatic and strict. They are often depicted as fair looking giants at 9 to 12 feet in height with paler features than the other humanoid alien races. Cats and birds are often associated to Lyrans possibly derived from tales of the bird (Lyran) and the serpent (Sirian) people arguing over how to best care for humanity in the early days. The Lyrans are a species derived from various planets in the Lyra constellation. Vega is the brightest star in the Lyra constellation and its considered that many peaceful beings come from this planet although their looks are described as being darker; sometimes even blue in color.

Andromedans: The Alien Race Behind the Crop Circles

alien-races-andromedansAndromeda is our neighboring galaxy at 2.2 million light years away and contains about a trillion stars. Many believe that there are peaceful, advanced councils and governing bodies in Andromeda that help to keep intergalactic peace. Several witnesses have claimed contact with the people of these councils, the Andromedans, describing them as lithe and beautiful with peaceful, benevolent intentions. Physically they are said to have blue skin although so are certain Lyrans, Vegans and Sirians. The Andromedans are often credited for crop circles, an attempt on their part to show humanity the possibility of cooperative and harmonious contact with extraterrestrials.

Arcturians: Raising Galactic Frequencies Without Interference

The Arcturians were brought to public awareness by renowned mystic Edgar Cayce when he professed that they were among the most advanced civilizations of alien races in the galaxy. They are an inter-dimensional species from Arcturus, located in the Bootes constellation. Described as short and thin with skin that is greenish in color, Arcturians are also said to possess large dark brown or black almond eyes and three fingers. While these features distinguish Arcturians from other alien races, they are physically identical to one another.  Arcturians are also said to be gifted in telepathy and telekinesis. They are considered to be highly evolved spiritually, valuing love as the most important thing in existence. This works into the ultimate goal of the Arcturians: spiritual evolution. It is believed that formations of Arcturian ships surround the Earth, working in synchronicity to protect the planet and raise its frequency. While contact with the Arcturians has provided accounts of their plans to raise the frequency of humanity, it has also been indicated that they wish to raise the frequency of the entire galaxy through love. However, they wish to carry out their spiritual work in a manner that does not interfere with humans or their free will in any way.Most of these types of alien races can take human form or incarnate as a human being for a full human life span so the next time you’re on a busy city street, keep your eyes open. The person standing next to you may just be an intergalactic helper from outer space.

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    You talk about Black eyed, black haired Sirians but show a picture of blue skinned Arcturians. Please correct.

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