6 Theories on the Strange Sounds in the Sky

6 Theories on the Strange Sounds in the Sky

In 2008, a video was posted to Youtube that to this day defies a concrete explanation. Shot in an the urban sprawl of Belarus, the video seems unassuming enough until an other-worldly swell of noise rushes across the sky, overwhelming the camera’s simple audio capacities in a distorted cacophony that you’d wish could just be explained away as a particularly strong gust of wind. We could have tried to console ourselves with the idea that this was the isolated snore of the still-sleeping Cloverfield monster, but then more videos of similar incidents started popping up from around the world.The at-times metallic howling was recorded ripping across the Eastern Alps in the Ukraine, and in city streets and fields alike in countries such as Germany, Austria, Canada, and the United States. Even in Texas, a state that clearly demands you “don’t mess with” it, the mysterious noise did just that in a 2012 video. So what is causing these incidents?

1. Dimension Crashing: There is a theory that extraterrestrials are actually extradimensionals. This sort of lessens the emphasis on space-time and indicates that what we perceive as aliens are actually beings occupying the same time and space as us, but on a different frequency. Perhaps the unsettling howling is the sound created when dimensions are breached and these extradimensional beings enter our dimension. Along the same line, it could just as easily be the sound of extraterrestrial spacecraft arriving in our atmosphere, perhaps even alien metal cooling upon entry.

2. The Trumpeting of the Apocalypse: As several of the religiously devout have pointed out, a verse of The Bible (Matthew 24:31) explains a trumpeting of angels to signify the apocalypse. While some may argue we first heard that trumpet back in1998 with Cher’s autotuned single “Believe”, it’s worth considering that whether you were to interpret The Bible literally or metaphorically, the trumpeting sound in each video does carry with it a sense of foreboding.

3. Weather Control: Rumors that the U.S. military is developing a weapon with a focus on weather control may tie into the sounds in these videos. The program is referred to as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and the U.S. government consistently downplays the nefarious conclusions drawn to it. However, physicists and even members of the European Union have publicly expressed concern over the secretive project.

4. Alien/Illuminati Testing: Deliberate sonic manipulation may be yet another purpose behind the oddly disconcerting sound. Studies show that the components of water and rice can be manipulated by simply communicating feelings of love or hatred to them. Even the cells in our bodies can be influenced by our thoughts as well as our responses to the communications we receive. Could these noises be part of a sonic test conducted by alien races or the New World Order to manipulate our basic components?

5. Subterranean Reptoid Construction: Those who believe in the reptoid conspiracy often subscribe to the idea that the reptoids as we know them today don’t come from space but rather the earth’s interior. The reptilian race is characterized as highly advanced scientifically and technologically. Even if you can’t imagine a race of highly advanced reptilians constructing some sort of military base beneath the earth’s surface, you can easily substitute humans for reptilians in the same theory. The construction of massive underground military complexes could potentially leak some alarming noises.

6. Metaphysical Primal Screaming: Many of those who experienced the sounds firsthand expressed feelings of dread and terror. Perhaps we’re simply hearing a mass manifestation of the universal subconscious. Though it may seem like a spiritual explanation, an audio conjuring of unrest may actually be scientific in a metaphysical sense, especially amidst global recession, political strain, human rights conflicts, and an ever-present war.

Just so you don’t sleep too soundly tonight, the sounds continue to be recorded as recently as April of 2015 when a little kid in a German street was filmed coming face to face with her own mortality, staring up at the sky in motionless terror. While there’s no sign we’ve truly entered War of the Worlds just yet, science still has yet to weigh in on the noises, other than to admit they have no conclusive evidence.

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