5 Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

5 Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

The internet is infested and teeming with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of crazy conspiracy theories. Many of these are unbelievably ridiculous and hilarious, like the Beatles never existing or the moon being a hologram. But every now and then, one of these outlandish conspiracy theories actually turns out to be true.

PROHIBITION: The Government Distributed Poisoned Liquor

When the government banned alcohol between 1920 and 1939, it turned ordinary people into criminals overnight. Prohibition gave rise to corruption on every level and led to prison overpopulation. Crazy conspiracy theories circulated about the government turning against the people but it turns out that some of this is supported. As a way to scare the public into obeying the rules of prohibition, liquor was seized from bootleggers and then ordered by government officials to be spiked with poison and redistributed to the public. This led to the death of over 10,000 people.

CUBA: The Government Creates a Deadly Smear Campaign


Fidel Castro was one of the targets of a U.S. conspiracy against Cuba.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. military created a mind-blowing, horrific terrorism plan to poison the American public against Cuba so they could justify a war to eliminate a communist country from being in such close proximity to the U.S. Documents are now available proving these plans.

The plan involved Americans being shot down in the streets, terrorist attacks on Washington D.C. and Miami, and innocent people being framed for bombings, sinking boats filled with Cuban refugees, and hijacking planes. A chilling plan for shooting down a plane filled with college students is also described. The leader of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lyman Lemnitzer, had also organized false evidence to implicate Fidel Castro and Cuban refugees as being behind all of these terrorist acts. Thankfully, President Kennedy refused to implement these plans though now all those crazy conspiracy theories about his assassination are a little more believable.

OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD: CIA Buys the Media for Control of the Public


Traces of Operation Mockingbird seem to live on in media outlets such as Fox News.

The CIA created a top secret project in the 1940s that involved buying control of the media and media outlets. The plan was put together by Frank Wisner, Allen Dulles, Richard Helms and the publisher of The Washington Post, Phillip Graham. The plan was to put reporters, journalists, and news organizations on the payroll, creating an army of spies and propagandists. There were agents from the ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, the Associated Press, United Press International (UPI), Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service, and more. Tens of thousands of operatives filled the country’s media, universities, and businesses by the ‘50s.

The current crazy conspiracy theories about media bias seem a little more plausible with this kind of media history. Based on the proven misinformation given constantly on the news programming today, especially from such places as Fox News who have been proven to deliberately broadcast the wrong footage for a story in order to incite fear and hate, it would seem that we now have evidence of how and when the media was bought. Thankfully we still have the internet and the ability to access some accurate news.

COINTELPRO: The FBI Assault on Activists


COINTELPRO subversively attacked civil rights movements with propaganda.

Many activists have wild conspiracy theories suspecting the government of monitoring and sabotaging them but when anti-war activists broke into the FBI, they discovered documents about COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) and their suspicions were verified. COINTELPRO documents were copied and then distributed to the media.

This program was designed for spying on, infiltrating and disrupting the non-violent civil rights movement, the women’s rights movement, the congress of racial equality, people speaking out against inequality (including Martin Luther King, Jr.), anti-war groups, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Students for a Democratic Society, and many more. Tactics included psychological warfare, falsifying documents to use for slander in the media, wrongful imprisonment, harassment, intimidation, and (according to some reports) possible violence or assassination.

MKULTRA: CIA Mind Control

Crazy conspiracy theories about the government running secret mind control experiments on U.S. citizens circled for many years until 1977 when a Freedom of Information Act revealed 20,000 classified documents. Unfortunately, CIA Director Richard Helm had the most incriminating files destroyed in 1973 so we still don’t know a lot of what happened. What we do know is that the experiments involved the use of drugs like LSD, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, verbal and sexual abuse, and torture on citizens in order to learn how to use mind control on people. Hundreds of projects were subcontracted to over 80 different types of institutions including hospitals, universities, prisons, and pharmaceutical companies. To this day, not a single individual has been brought to justice.

So as you can see, the next time you stumble across a crazy conspiracy theory that seems too farfetched to be real, don’t be so quick to dismiss it! With a little time, it may just prove itself to be true!


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