10 Useful Life Hacks That Really Work

10 Useful Life Hacks That Really Work

Who doesn’t love a life hack? I don’t know how I managed to live so long without knowing how to dip an Oreo cookie into milk using a fork in the creamy center so I wouldn’t wet my fingertips. How could I not have realized all I had to do to soften a stiff new tee shirt was to soak it in saltwater for three days? Thank gawd for the internets. Granted, the following workarounds are whacky — but come on, aren’t you curious enough to light at least one Dorito on fire?

1.Wanna dip your wick? The ladies love romantic candle light, but what if the candle’s wick is hiding in a tunnel of wax? No worries – just ignite the end of a stick of dry spaghetti to reach it without scorching your fingers.


2. Love those Facebook phone games, but hate all the annoying pop-up ads? Just put your phone in airplane mode and play away!phone airplane mode

3. Drink a big glass of apple juice before bed and let its unique chemical compound mix with your natural melatonin to produce very vivid dreams.


4. Hazy headlights? Rub your car’s plastic orbs with toothpaste, rinse off, and drive bright.

clean headlights toothpaste

5. If sitting in front of your computer all day hasn’t ensured you’re pussy-free, get the cat to leave you alone by placing an empty box nearby. No feline can resist the lure of a new place to nest.


6. Need to hide some cash while traveling, ladies? Stick the sawbucks into a sanitary napkin package – no one will look there.



7. Burn calories by using Doritos as kindling. No, really. If you can’t find actual kindling for your campfire, corn chips will do the trick.

doritos kindling

8. It might sound like an old George Carlin comedy routine but some people actually do take a snapshot of the contents of their fridge – then they refer to it when they’re at the store to ensure they don’t wind up with 19 bags of Doritos.


9. Got Milk? Good, if you ever get Sharpie stains on your furniture, just a dab’ll do ya and the marks will be erased.

kid sharpie stain


10. Cheap wine tastes cheap but hey, why waste the $5 you spent? Toss the vile vino into a blender for about 30 seconds, and voila! “aerating” it makes it taste like a million bucks.




……and a bonus one!

11) Did you know pills have more potency if inserted through other end? ahem. Just Saying.


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